Thursday, 5 May 2011


After 3 weeks on holidays, 3 of the girls are back at school tomorrow. I am going to miss them but today was like the last few nights of pregnancy - torture to make you want it over! I had to pull them off each other today. By dinnertime it was tempting to let them just maul each other.

We have had an amazing school holidays. Very few fights and me wanting them to never end, but today has me ready more than ever for tomorrow. Cate also had a wart burnt with some dry ice tonight and I am sure the neighbours could hear her abuse. Rose had one done months ago and laughed through the whole thing - not Cate. Please let it fall off as we will not be repeating this process.

Dean has gone to bed with a fever. I had an "Everybody loves Raymond" moment when I felt his head and said, "oh, a slight fever about 37.5 degrees". I was right. A few Panadol, more clothes and a kiss goodnight and he is asleep. I imagine in about 20 minutes he will be back to normal temperature and ripping all his extra clothes off! Fun night ahead for me.

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day mass at school and after spending the past two years in tears for the remainder of the day, I am boycotting it. May is just packed full of tearful days for me. Mothers day, my birthday and then Cate and Evie's birthdays. Evie is missing her eighth birthday this year.

Change of subject and mum is coming down in the morning, so a day with her, my hair getting done and a new laptop is sure to be fabulous. I am also going to the ballet this weekend (Cinderella), with the 3 big girls. Very excited.

Will try to get some shots of Mothers day on Sunday for a post next week.

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