Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mother's Day II

So the dust has settled and I am loving my new laptop. I'm not actually typing this on it as I used up all of my internet downloads updating all of the software before moving it to the laptop. I am using Dean's iPad.

Due to the renovation, our office is to become more like a large filing cupboard! With the new age of wifi technology, we decided that having a larger living area and smaller office, was the better way to go. We will have a desk upstairs in our bedroom and the kids will have one in their playroom so a laptop was on the shopping list. Dean has been on the look out and he called me last week to say he'd found one - unfortunately when he'd gone to the shop with the kids on Saturday to pick it up, it was "closed".

Fast forward to Mother's Day morning and there amongst my beautiful gifts was a large box with a laptop picture on it!! Dean is very good at doing things like that but Rose is not. She blabs every time. I didn't even notice when Cate kept saying to me "the shop was closed mum", over and over again, just begging me to force the truth out of her.

So I got the laptop for Mother's Day. I also got a wireless mouse, a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume box with the body lotion AND the perfume and a pink pair of sheepskin slippers. Joy. (I have attached a photo of the bits and pieces.) Josephine gave me a framed photo of the two of us and a drawing she did. Rose gave me a cupcake card, the inside saying, "You're like icing on a cake, you make my life sweeter". It came with a letter holder made from paper plates. Inside it was an envelope with a letter she'd written -
Dear mum,
Happy Mother's Day. I love you. You are a nice mum. I'm going to make you a cofe (coffee) in bed. You stay in bed, you stay in bed all day.
Lostte (lots?) of love from Rose

From Cate, I got a card with her photo on it, a drawing of me and a letter she typed in IT. It said -
Jesus loves you.
Our whole family loves you.
No matter what I still love you.
Not good at making stuff
but you are fantastic at designing.
Every day I love you.

Wow, totally confused by this! When I asked her about what I wasn't good at making, she got all defensive and told me I couldn't make tissue roses! Even more confused now!

Grace spent the day telling Dean, "happy muddas day daddy". Maybe next year!
They were angels all day. Unfortunately, we had no bread so they did have to get daddy out of bed to go to the shops so they could make breakfast. I got a perfect latte from Cate and later they helped daddy make eggs on toast - all served in bed.

Because we went to see the ballet, Cinderella, the night before, the girls did hop into our bed at lunch for some quiet time. To me that is like an invitation to the royal wedding - I'm there! What a great reason to hop back in to bed. Cuddles with sleepy girls in the middle of the day - Bliss!

Love, love, love my girls and my boy. Thank you for the best day. I will do all the cooking and cleaning this week - you've earnt a rest!

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