Sunday, 22 May 2011

A night to (try to) remember!

Last night was my sister's 30th. I must say it was a sensory delight - as I knew it would be. For the eyes, there were paper lanterns with tea light candles hanging from the ceilings, fresh flowers and cupcakes adorned in lace and a lather of pink icing. The food was phenomenal. Prawns on skewers, mini burgers and bruschetta along with hours of other minuscule morsels to choose from. Then to top it off - the cocktails. Being a person seduced by colour, my choice was easy - cosmopolitans with a raft of pink fairy floss crowned atop, mmm.

It was also an opportunity to frock up and take some photos of the adults for a change. There are very few photos of both myself and my sister or Dean and I. As with most parents, the photos are of the kids or of one parent with them. So I had to post these, if just for mum to enjoy!

Great night sis!

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