Saturday, 28 May 2011

The week that was

This week has been a week of extremes!

Now this may be confusing, so I thought I would bullet point some of the things that have affected my waves of emotions this week -

  • Bronte was put to sleep. {sad}
  • My birthday. {smile}
  • Cute, new, painless smile at the dentist. {straight smile}
  • 2 injections into my gums - drool, sore teeth and must go back next week to complete. {spit + sook}
  • A close friends father had some wonderful news. {smile}
  • Helped a friend pack to move house. {sore}
  • Had a joint birthday party with a friend with lots of amazing pressies. {smile smile}
  • Kids cubby house got vandalised. {scowl}
  • Finally got building approval. {skip}
  • Had Rose's school assembly, and she was amazing!! {superb}
  • Went to a friends school musical (she is the drama teacher). {super}
  • 2 sick babies. {snot}
  • Taught Cate how to sew. She made yo-yo headbands, all by herself. {smile}
  • She proudly gave one to her teacher, only for her to smile, say thanks and put it away - not to be seen since! {sad}
  • Sitting at home, on a Saturday night with my favourite person in the whole world. {swoon}
  • Watching football {sigh}
So, there it is. Now that it is over, I can say that I had a wonderful birthday week, aside from the obvious. For me, this week was very much about my friends and family.

I was awoken on my birthday by four little girls with their scrawled birthday letters and a beautiful set of pink champagne flutes. After taking the big girls to school, it was just me and my two small babies in the morning, then we met Dean's mum and nanna for lunch. Tea was take away and it was lovely having Dean home early from work so we could all eat together. 

Wednesday night we drove for an hour to see my friend Katherine's school musical. It was wonderful. Josephine is still talking about it! It was, however, a freezing cold night and I think it aided in Cate and Grace waking sick up on Thursday. I would have gladly kept them all home from school. I don't need an excuse - I love having them home (and anything to get out of that hour trip to and from school). But, Rose had her school assembly and was dressed and ready for school in record time! She was so excited, it made me excited.

I spent the day at home, making soup and teaching Cate how to sew while Josephine and Grace played 'mums and babies'. She made a yo-yo rosette, sewed it to a matching headband and decided to give it to her teacher. Cate has a lovely teacher, but I was sad for my child when she just took the gift that she had taken hours to make, smiled and put it away.

The assembly was just amazing. I was late (thanks to the traffic), so had to stand outside the door, but everyone was lovely and let me squeeze in to take some photos and to make sure Rose saw that I was there. I was so proud of her. She danced her heart out! 

Friday, I went to work. I work with another Jo and her birthday is the same week as mine. We have very similar tastes, so our boss has a great time buying our presents. Being in design, he has the best taste in everything and always finds the most amazing gifts. We have morning tea and swap gifts and spend the next hour talking about how wonderful everything is. From my workmates I got a book about wallpaper, some bookends, a bag for my laptop, a magenta scarf, a bag of pink balloons, a bunch of flowers, scented draw liners, and ... I can't remember. Jo received some equally fantastic gifts. I loved a box of curios in the cutest packaging for making gift tags. We then went out for lunch. Not much work was done.

I haven't seen my parents and sister yet, so I do get to drag out my birthday a little bit - at least until Wednesday when I have to hand the candles over to Cate.

Thank you to everyone for your love this week, whether it be a hug for Bronte or birthday wishes.

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