Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A week to celebrate.

May in our family is always busy, particularly the end of it.

We have my big girl, my sister and my birthdays within 8 days. This year my little sister turns the big 3 oh! Happy birthday Tam. I hope you have a wonderful birthday week.

My Cate is turning 8 this year. Wow, where has the time gone? One minute she was born and our only baby, and the next she is eight and the big sister to three.

A few weeks ago she was totally exhausted from a busy week at school and after seeing that "Hannah Montana" was coming to town, told us that she wanted to go and see her. Now I can only imagine the stress on a parent having to navigate a child through a crowd of pre-teen girls at a concert, but can you imagine how traumatising it would be to an innocent 8 year old to actually see "Hannah" writhing around on stage like she does? I would need some therapy myself! So needless to say there was an immediate "no" from Dad. This prompted an emotional "you don't love me (and more that I won't mention)", from Her Royal Heartless!

Funnily, I can appreciate moments like that. I can distinctly remember similar times when I begged my mother for something equally ridiculous and her telling me no also. I can now look back at those times and say that they are the answers that actually proved she loved me. I will remind Cate of these when she is older and perhaps needs a hug when her child has broken her heart with declarations of dislike too.

What to buy an 8 year old? 
I am considering getting her art classes. Between school, homework and the renovation, she doesn't get much time to play with "toys", so I think she will feel very special and grown up going to art classes. Now to find somewhere nearby!

So what will her ninth year bring us? 
Every day I look at her in awe and am so proud of how she is growing up. She is so considerate and witty. I love her sense of humour and enjoy her curiosity. I know she will be everything she desires and do it with grace. I look forward to watching her grow but feel a twinge of sadness at how fast it is going.

Happy birthday Baby. x

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