Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mood Board - Rose

Currently I am focusing on Rose's bedroom. I have an iron bed that Dean painted pink a few years ago. It has a chipped, worn look that I will use in her room. I am using the wallpaper covered dresser as the feature in her room and the inspiration for the colour theme.

Her bed linen will be white with some brightly coloured pillows. A chair I found at a second hand store for $20, yes only $20, is going to be recovered in a strong, geometric, lemon fabric. I have spray painted some ornate frames I found (thrifty frames), and will be filling them with contrasting fabrics to make pin-up boards.

I'm thinking, Ikea spice racks for $7 each, stacked on the wall, painted in the same bright colours, for her books and pencils. This spray paint has been used for everything. I have sprayed some old metal candlesticks and some trays to use as lamp bases or decorative items for her dresser that are non breakable but fantastic features.

Here is my Rose Mood Board.

My final challenge is the lighting! I am torn between a cluster of yellow and pink art deco lights or a funky drum light fitting.

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Tooth Fairy Update...

So after worrying prematurely about Rose losing her tooth, we are still waiting. The spare time has urged me to get organised, so I think that I am going to buy a cute little Tooth Fairy pack from here. I am very aware that I can make these myself and that I should, considering my profession but this is easier! I do say that with a little bit of guilt - in my defence - my husband is an accountant and he does get someone else to do our tax!!! {blah blah, different kind of accounting blah blah, Dean}

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Kids and their friends

Having had a bunch (not sure of the correct collective noun) of birthday parties lately, I have been more aware than ever of the differences in my children.

When Cate first started school she took a while to establish friendships. She became close friends with a girl who used English as a second language and was the youngest in the class (Cate was a whole year older than her). We felt this friendship was perfect for her. She wasn't a strong person and didn't find it easy to make friends and I guess this other girl felt the same.

Unfortunately, after two years as best friends, this little girl changed schools. Last year it broke my heart to watch her go to school everyday without a friend for support. It took her until the second half of last year to fit into the class dynamic and settle. Not once did she get upset about it. She missed her friend but she never not wanted to go to school and was not upset by having no friends.

Rose on the other hand is completely unaware of her effect on other people. She has a fantastic class at school. The whole class are terribly close and I am not aware of any bullying or disputes. They play with everyone and are very affectionate towards each other.

I was completely shocked, when at 5 years old, she had a boyfriend! They would hold hands and hug each other and seemed to be boyfriend and girlfriend for nearly a year before she decided she liked somebody else. She was not embarrassed about it and was open to anybody who asked her if she had a boyfriend and still talks openly about her boy-friendships. Cate would be completely mortified if somebody even suggested that she had a boyfriend!

Rose gets invited to a number of parties throughout the year - both boys parties and girls. She gets gifts from admirers and is liked by all of her peers. Cate, has been to two parties this year and from memory, last year was the same.

I think it has a lot to do with the students. Rose's teacher who was Cate's teacher last year has commented on the differences in the children in each class. I often think that Rose, who is completely at ease and confident with herself would have coped easily in a class like Cate's and I would have had a few less sleepless nights if Cate had such welcoming peers!

I feel confident in knowing that they are both very well adjusted children. Rose is an angel in class and is very happy at school. She is extremely talented at maths and anything physical. Dean and I are often shocked by her ability to figure out maths equations in her head that are far more challenging than some of Cate's homework. I am very proud of how well she is doing. She is a wonderful friend and I'm sure she will be a friend for life. Cate, who I feared would not cope with the loss of her friend, has proved to be a very mature and strong person. She is such and angel and gets perfect grades and has finally found her place in the playground and established some great friendships but there are some days where she still seems lost.

This year with Josephine starting school, I look forward to watching her friendships grow and see who she will become close to. She is in a class with a lot of siblings from Cate and Rose's classes, so play dates will be easy as I already know the mums. I don't have any fears for her. She is a very social girl, has an amazing sense of humour and like Rose, is very confident. She also tells it like it is, so watch out Kindy!

I love my girls so much and it breaks my heart thinking about them getting hurt and not happy, but I am lucky that they feel confident and secure and ride things through with grace and such a positive attitude. I am very proud of them.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sorry to my farming family

Please forgive me for wanting the rain to stop. I know we are having a drought. I promise to have an extra short shower tonight if the rain stops! Okay okay. I will have shorter showers until the roof of my house is back on, just to conserve water.

I did go and visit our little waterhole. It was doing it's best to not look sodden. I think it coped quite well under the circumstances. Keep it together little house.

Monday, 27 June 2011

House update

What an exciting day for us today. We have a convertible house! The light in our living area is magnificent - a nice view to the clear blue sky. Unfortunately there is a severe weather warning for tomorrow. I'm not sure I will love the view quite as much with dark clouds and water running down my face. {I still have a smile on my face though}

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Four birthdays and a gaping big hole!

I pen this post from my bed with my hot pack lovingly scalding my back. We have just completed a marathon weekend consisting of four birthdays and a day of demolition! Firstly, to those who received a present from us this weekend, I apologise that our gifts did not look like this. This paper is from my own range, and embarrassingly, we didn't have any here. So this is what your gift would have looked like - or should have looked like.

  • The first was on Friday afternoon for one of Rose's school friends. A High Tea for low ladies and two little gentlemen. 
  • Secondly, another of Rose's friends, this time a little boy, celebrating at the movies. A Saturday matinee for a few boys and two girls. 
One of the things I feel strongly about with my children is their attendance at birthday parties. This year we have had very few play dates. We haven't participated in any out of school activities either, so I try to make myself available when one of the girls get invited to a party.

I think it is important for them to spend time with their friends alone, without their sisters. I want to encourage them to develop their own personalities and friendships without having to include their siblings. Just as I feel they should spend time alone with us so we can develop our relationship with each child, not just our children.

Speaking of relationships - 
  • We come to birthday number 3 - Dean's sister. Every time someone in Dean's family has a birthday, everyone descends on their home for a feast! This includes, great grandmother, aunts, cousins, cousins children and cousins husbands - everyone. They arrive with their arms full with cards, gifts, scratchies and platters of colourful cakes, sandwiches, pastries and an extensive array of dessert! My BIL loves it when one of us has a birthday just so he can come to one of Dean's family feasts. Lunch is prepared for days with the copious amount of leftovers. Each child gets to blow out the candles even when it is not their birthday and then we all eat the spit covered cake with lemon meringue slice, custard tart, doughnuts, cupcakes and mountains more.
  • With our stomachs achingly full, we then head to our fourth birthday. A fortieth for one of Dean's friends. This party can only be described as a 21st with an older guest list. Pizza, beer, nibbles and disco ball. Unfortunately with Sunday on our minds, we had to leave at a respectable hour and missed the Karaoke. (Not unfortunate for those who missed Dean's tone-deaf tunes.)

Today was spent at our home removing walls. We now have a gaping hole in one of the bedrooms daring Ms Mother Nature to apply her wrath. Sadly, a hole in one wall is nothing compared to the nakedness that it will receive this week. 

No roof, no walls and winter is not the best of circumstances to begin a game of double dare with the weather man!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hold the apples!

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but for the next few days -

The whole world is to hold their breath as we pray Rose doesn't lose her tooth in the next few days! Nobody is to give her any apples, steak or anything unless you can inhale it or suck it up a straw.

When Cate and Rose were babies, I was vigilant about their photo albums. I made a home-made decorated birthday cake every birthday and was careful to document all of their firsts. Now I have 4, I must say I am not as anal/vigilant/organised and feel terribly guilty about it. We do enjoy the odd bought ice-cream cake and "Scrapbooking" is a swear word in my house.

Grace has one page in her photo album - her birth. I think I have a piece of paper somewhere that tells me when she sat up and walked, but Cate has it in a frame, with photos, in her perfectly presented photo album. {bow my head in shame} I can say that I do still take a lot of photos and I can still remember most of the details about each child without looking it up. 

So this brings me back to the tooth. Cate lost her first tooth only last year and the Tooth Fairy has only graced us with her presence one other time since. But this will be Rose's first tooth and the Tooth Fairy made a big deal about Cate's first baby tooth!!!

She left a teeny, tiny note and a shiny gold coin PLUS fairy dust. But she doesn't go back to work until Monday as that is where the printer is for her little note. The Tooth Fairy must use a printer because she has very similar handwriting to Santa, the Easter Bunny and mum apparently!

This is a very big deal for Rose and for me as her mum. She came to me last week saying that there was something in her mouth annoying her and without looking, I guessed she might have a tooth growing. There it was poking itself up behind one of her bottom front teeth. I should have started preparing myself then but at the time, there was no wobble. The benefit of this is that there will be no awkward photos of her with missing teeth - this time.

So if anyone sees my daughter in the next few days, please don't

  • Feed her
  • Swing things near her face, or
  • Attach any string to her tooth & a door handle and slam the door!

Thank you in advance.

I'd love to hear some of your Tooth Fairy tales. Post a comment below. x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

An early morning wake up call

Four o'clock! That is what time my children awoke this morning!

They had a little girls meeting in their bedroom last night that should have alerted me to what was to follow. I wasn't allowed to attend this very important meeting so more fool me for not realising sooner.

They had the best intentions. I am always using the confines of the car in the mornings to lecture about our morning chores, no tv and about getting ready for school before playing. So they decided to be super efficient and get up early to get it all done.

We heard them slightly before 5am and when Dean went to check, their beds were made, they were in full school uniform, had packed their lunch boxes (including made sandwiches), and had eaten breakfast. He couldn't exactly send them back to bed could he?

The problem was that they weren't very quiet for the next few hours until we got up. Cate came into our room on a regular basis to remind us that she had made us both a coffee and it was getting cold. 

This is what I love about kids. There is no in-between. They drag their feet and won't get ready in the mornings I need them to hurry, yet on the morning they have more than enough time, they get ready at the speed of light and use it to play instead!

I'm sure the term is "Be careful what you wish for". This was again evident last Friday when my angels decided to give mum a "night off". They made their own tea while I was to sit on the couch. Tea consisted of toast, baked beans and porridge. This was so sweet. I watched them work in teams and help each other and then had the fun job of cleaning up the scene of the crime once they went to bed!

I adore their innocence. I love how proud they are when they think they are doing something you want them to do. I am amazed everyday by how their sweet minds interpret life. I hope they stay as untouched and surprised by life for as long as possible. Sarcasm and cynicism to be absent from their minds forever.

I am the luckiest mum in the world. I felt even luckier when, at 6.30 tonight, they all fell asleep, completely exhausted by such a long day! Aren't children so perfect when they are asleep? This reminds me of the genius that is Tim Minchin. I quote his lullaby, "Your love for them grows..." {listen here - language warning!}

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My day in pictures

This morning I found myself surrounded by lots of little fairies, pink sprinkles, flowers and fairy dust. Josephine was invited to a birthday party and I take my tarnished tiara off to the host - wow. This is just a snippet of the visual toothache that was today...

My angel icing her wand.
And my other baby was there too...

Isn't she gorgeous. She is just pure sugar. 

Monday, 20 June 2011

Home, I miss thee.

I am really missing my home this week. The wintery weather is nicer when you are curled up in your own bed, listening to the rain replenishing your garden. I miss lying in front of our heater, cooking soups and wearing socks on the floorboards.

Please don't confuse my lack of feeling completely at home with ungratefulness. I am blessed and proud to have such a generous MIL. I know my family wouldn't move out of their home for us for a year. (They have for the weekend though.)

I have also learnt to love some of the things about this home that I hope to emulate in my renovated home. There are also things that I realise are not for me and my family of small children...
  1. NO TILES IN LIVING AREAS - I apologise to my MIL for the whole dinner set that has been smashed whilst we have lived here. Things break on tiles - things bounce on floorboards!
  2. LOTS OF LIGHTS - I must carry a torch around at all times. The light bulbs keep blowing, but even when they are working - I still can't see.
  3. KIDS OWN ROOMS - This is a must. Even their own beds will be a treat. Grace and Josephine are sharing a queen at the moment.
  4. HAND HELD SHOWERS - I love, love, love this feature about this house. It makes washing kids hair so easy!
  5. POOL - another great thing about this house. Thankfully, our pool was put in at the start of the renovation. We have had it for 6 months and never been in it!
  6. GARAGE - It is a luxury here to not get wet on the way from the house to the car.
  7. CENTRAL COOLING + HEATING - An indulgence I know, but knowing the girls are warm at night makes us all sleep better.
  8. NO CARPET - I am not a fan. Our room will have to be carpeted though as it is great for soundproofing, and there is nothing worse than a noisy upper level!
  9. CLOTHESLINE ON GRASS - This I won't be able to copy, but love it. When my girls insist on helping me with the washing, clothes get dropped on the grass and they don't get dirty. It is also easier to hang out the washing on a 40 degree day without shoes on!
  10. WALK IN ROBE - This was on the list even before I moved in here. We are having a dressing room. A whole room just for clothes, dressing, shoes and me. I will be doing something completely girly in here.
Now I did intend on having a myriad of pictures to go with each of my points, but got distracted by some fabulous dressing rooms, so here it is. 

And one for the clothesline on grass (I want this tablecloth)...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Coffee, cuddles and cussing.

Brunch with my mother, sister, BIL, their two boys and my little family was not the best way to begin my fitness regime. But, it was the best way to start the day!

We don't go out for breakfast very often. It is the kind of thing we do when somebody else invites us. We do take the girls out for dinner, but I'm embarrassed to say, it is mainly to the local Italian restaurant. We order pizza, pasta and cheesey garlic bread too! {mmm} It is not the fanciest place - quite the opposite actually, but I don't panic about the girls spilling their food on the floor or being too noisy and that for me makes for a perfect night out!

We went to a small cottage in the valley that served Devonshire tea, scones and sweet things served with lashings of cream. Dean had the most amazing pancakes with ice-cream and maple syrup. I regretted my cheese and tomato sandwich the second I saw his plate but he was gentleman enough to give me a taste. I then had to persuade Cate to share half of her dish to curb my brunch envy. Scone bejewelled with strawberry jam and crowned with a cloud of fluffy whipped cream. {drool}

For the kids, there was the tiniest slide that I assume was their idea of a kids area. Funnily enough, it did entertain them for quite some time. Josephine, in white tights, found out just how fun the mud pile at the bottom could be! Here are some shots of them all smiling for my entertainment and then their real faces!

Then for the highlight of the morning - cuddles with my baby nephew. He makes me want a million more babies. He is so smiley, cuddly and ticklish. I will be his nanny on Tuesdays when my sister goes back to work in a few weeks. Grace and Josephine are so excited about having "Rarren" be our new baby. (Grace puts an R or Y at the start of all words except for the ones that actually have an R or Y at the start!)

Unfortunately, that is where the fun times ended. We went to our house to clean up and cover the floorboards for the demolition this week. We ended up leaving Dean there as it all became too much for the girls. They all stood on a nail at the same time - different nails so I think this is quite clever of them really! Muttering things like "tetanus" and "leaving your shoes on in future" were then drowned out by the radio blaring as I drove off. The music masking the other things I was muttering under my breath!  A bath, a yummy tea and a story, and everyone is happy again.

Ahh, the dichotomy of motherhood!

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