Sunday, 19 June 2011

Coffee, cuddles and cussing.

Brunch with my mother, sister, BIL, their two boys and my little family was not the best way to begin my fitness regime. But, it was the best way to start the day!

We don't go out for breakfast very often. It is the kind of thing we do when somebody else invites us. We do take the girls out for dinner, but I'm embarrassed to say, it is mainly to the local Italian restaurant. We order pizza, pasta and cheesey garlic bread too! {mmm} It is not the fanciest place - quite the opposite actually, but I don't panic about the girls spilling their food on the floor or being too noisy and that for me makes for a perfect night out!

We went to a small cottage in the valley that served Devonshire tea, scones and sweet things served with lashings of cream. Dean had the most amazing pancakes with ice-cream and maple syrup. I regretted my cheese and tomato sandwich the second I saw his plate but he was gentleman enough to give me a taste. I then had to persuade Cate to share half of her dish to curb my brunch envy. Scone bejewelled with strawberry jam and crowned with a cloud of fluffy whipped cream. {drool}

For the kids, there was the tiniest slide that I assume was their idea of a kids area. Funnily enough, it did entertain them for quite some time. Josephine, in white tights, found out just how fun the mud pile at the bottom could be! Here are some shots of them all smiling for my entertainment and then their real faces!

Then for the highlight of the morning - cuddles with my baby nephew. He makes me want a million more babies. He is so smiley, cuddly and ticklish. I will be his nanny on Tuesdays when my sister goes back to work in a few weeks. Grace and Josephine are so excited about having "Rarren" be our new baby. (Grace puts an R or Y at the start of all words except for the ones that actually have an R or Y at the start!)

Unfortunately, that is where the fun times ended. We went to our house to clean up and cover the floorboards for the demolition this week. We ended up leaving Dean there as it all became too much for the girls. They all stood on a nail at the same time - different nails so I think this is quite clever of them really! Muttering things like "tetanus" and "leaving your shoes on in future" were then drowned out by the radio blaring as I drove off. The music masking the other things I was muttering under my breath!  A bath, a yummy tea and a story, and everyone is happy again.

Ahh, the dichotomy of motherhood!

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