Saturday, 4 June 2011

Discos, dancing and distraction

What a great day today was. Both the girls and myself woke up fresh and much happier today.

I bounced (maybe not bounced, but rolled, then stood) out of bed and began to wash sheets and make beds all before my first coffee. My mum, sister and nephews came to visit and we talked about things we love and swooned over some of the pictures I have included in this post.

I then took my biggest and smallest babies shopping while my two middle doves went out for cake and apple juice with my sister. Cate is frantically making red and blue rosettes (first and second), for a little, school-yard game of ball some of the kids are partaking in next week. We purchased some ribbon and buttons to finish them. {So cute}

I also had some fantastic luck at the second hand shop. I bought a little wooden side table with a carved top. A gold/mustard upholstered, bedroom chair {love} and a dressing table with a mirror all for $350. These are all for Rose' new yellow and pink bedroom.

I am not a big lover of yellow, so I've asked my mother to make me a beautiful crochet blanket with yellow, mustard and a range of pinks, to tie all the colours together for her room. I plan on covering the dresser in wallpaper, painting the top only of the side table (maybe pink) and I am still undecided about the chair, walls and bed covers = white, and maybe yellow polka dot and sheer curtains (depending on the wallpaper chosen). We also a have a gorgeous, old, chipped, pink painted, wrought iron bed. Gone are my visions of turquoise and fuchsia in her bedroom {sob}.

So as a bit of direction for the crochet blanket I went straight to Etsy. I got distracted and found these...

I am going to make one these.
This one is from here...
I could make it or buy it here...

An edible necklace!
Yummy and fabulous
Edible vintage buttons. {Love}
Perfect for the girls -
 if only I could crochet. From here...
Ditto the bracelet
Only Esty!
Apparently a limited edition.
Yellow, I know but I want one.
(Let's call it pumpkin.)

The end of the day was as great as the start. Cuddles with Josephine and Grace whilst watching The Brady Bunch, then an impromptu disco/dance act by 4 little girls for mummy and daddy. Adorable. Now cuddles in front of the tv with their daddy, a chocolate and coffee. 

Back to smiles again. x

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