Wednesday, 22 June 2011

An early morning wake up call

Four o'clock! That is what time my children awoke this morning!

They had a little girls meeting in their bedroom last night that should have alerted me to what was to follow. I wasn't allowed to attend this very important meeting so more fool me for not realising sooner.

They had the best intentions. I am always using the confines of the car in the mornings to lecture about our morning chores, no tv and about getting ready for school before playing. So they decided to be super efficient and get up early to get it all done.

We heard them slightly before 5am and when Dean went to check, their beds were made, they were in full school uniform, had packed their lunch boxes (including made sandwiches), and had eaten breakfast. He couldn't exactly send them back to bed could he?

The problem was that they weren't very quiet for the next few hours until we got up. Cate came into our room on a regular basis to remind us that she had made us both a coffee and it was getting cold. 

This is what I love about kids. There is no in-between. They drag their feet and won't get ready in the mornings I need them to hurry, yet on the morning they have more than enough time, they get ready at the speed of light and use it to play instead!

I'm sure the term is "Be careful what you wish for". This was again evident last Friday when my angels decided to give mum a "night off". They made their own tea while I was to sit on the couch. Tea consisted of toast, baked beans and porridge. This was so sweet. I watched them work in teams and help each other and then had the fun job of cleaning up the scene of the crime once they went to bed!

I adore their innocence. I love how proud they are when they think they are doing something you want them to do. I am amazed everyday by how their sweet minds interpret life. I hope they stay as untouched and surprised by life for as long as possible. Sarcasm and cynicism to be absent from their minds forever.

I am the luckiest mum in the world. I felt even luckier when, at 6.30 tonight, they all fell asleep, completely exhausted by such a long day! Aren't children so perfect when they are asleep? This reminds me of the genius that is Tim Minchin. I quote his lullaby, "Your love for them grows..." {listen here - language warning!}

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