Monday, 13 June 2011

Family Day out

Yesterday it was a treat to have daddy home. He has been so busy at work and at the house that the girls have not seen much of him. So we went on a family day out.

We decided on a drive into the hills to go antique shopping. Unfortunately, we know nothing about these small towns, and they actually have no antiques! But, there was a garage sale and I purchase this adorable cutlery set. It is a set of six and the two larger, serving set. I love it. We also stumbled upon a craft market, so the girls had hot dogs and we waltz through aisles of pretty things before heading to the weir.

I am extremely afraid of heights, flying and large bodies of water. I can almost hear you all sigh, thinking I must be terribly boring, but, just ask Dean, my fears are far from boring - they keep him quite amused sometimes!!! We did venture half way across the wall over the water (up very high), then came back before the girls noticed the ice-cream truck on the other side or I passed out. I was shaking and for some reason, everything below me was swaying. Strange really.

A chameleon on Nanna's couch.
We had some lunch and the kids had a play, then we drove further for ice-cream before coming home. It must have been a very busy day for little Grace as this is her, in her Strawberry Shortcake pyjamas, asleep on her way onto the couch! Poor love. This was after she told me, "I not like you anymore mummy". It sounded extremely cute with dummy in her mouth and her terrible pronunciation. I had the gall to ask her to put her shoes away - what was I thinking? One day she will be a teenager and say something like this and it will actually hurt my feelings, right now I find it amusing. {love babies}

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