Saturday, 11 June 2011

Family Rules

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Like most children, mine have their days when they are horrid. (Today might have been one of those days - tired from a late night). But on a whole, I have very well behaved kids.

We get stopped a lot when we are out by strangers asking, "Are these all your little girls?" I get a lot of comments about how beautiful they are, how close together they are and, my favourite - are we going to try for the elusive boy?

I must say that I am quite strict when we are in public. I can't chase 4 children in different directions with armfuls of shopping. I have always had a baby in a pram, so the others have held the sides. The more children I have had, the harder this has become. They will squeeze themselves down skinny aisles and not let go. They are told to "point, not touch" in shops and they are not allowed to run or go out of my sight. I am always saying that they are so cute, why wouldn't someone want to steal them! 

I also love pretty things. Glass, china, jewels and the odd fragile dust collector, so I have always made sure the girls know what they can and can't play with. Don't jump on beds or sofas, otherwise you can sleep on the trampoline - sounds like a fair trade to me.

I also realise that me visiting with four kids can be stressful on some people. I want them to be polite and respectful of people's belongings so they will be invited back again. I tell them that I am their mummy and they should remember my rules, even when somebody else's mum lets their child do things I don't.  I say this with the knowledge that they are kids and will do whatever they can get away with when I'm not around.

So for fun, I have put together a list of some of our house rules or lines I find spilling from my mouth on a regular basis. The biggest lesson I have learnt about parenting is that when you feel like you are onto something or that you sorted a problem out - your resolution starts another problem. To wean Rose off of her dummy, we pinned it to her pillow so she could only have it in bed. We then had to wean her off taking her pillow everywhere!

 I hope you get a laugh from this.

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  1. LOL Jo! We live by very similar rules, but I have never put mine so eloquently (or decoratively!) You should add another section to your blog and sell high-res files of these sorts of things. I'd buy this and frame it for my girls' room ;-)

    S x


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