Sunday, 26 June 2011

Four birthdays and a gaping big hole!

I pen this post from my bed with my hot pack lovingly scalding my back. We have just completed a marathon weekend consisting of four birthdays and a day of demolition! Firstly, to those who received a present from us this weekend, I apologise that our gifts did not look like this. This paper is from my own range, and embarrassingly, we didn't have any here. So this is what your gift would have looked like - or should have looked like.

  • The first was on Friday afternoon for one of Rose's school friends. A High Tea for low ladies and two little gentlemen. 
  • Secondly, another of Rose's friends, this time a little boy, celebrating at the movies. A Saturday matinee for a few boys and two girls. 
One of the things I feel strongly about with my children is their attendance at birthday parties. This year we have had very few play dates. We haven't participated in any out of school activities either, so I try to make myself available when one of the girls get invited to a party.

I think it is important for them to spend time with their friends alone, without their sisters. I want to encourage them to develop their own personalities and friendships without having to include their siblings. Just as I feel they should spend time alone with us so we can develop our relationship with each child, not just our children.

Speaking of relationships - 
  • We come to birthday number 3 - Dean's sister. Every time someone in Dean's family has a birthday, everyone descends on their home for a feast! This includes, great grandmother, aunts, cousins, cousins children and cousins husbands - everyone. They arrive with their arms full with cards, gifts, scratchies and platters of colourful cakes, sandwiches, pastries and an extensive array of dessert! My BIL loves it when one of us has a birthday just so he can come to one of Dean's family feasts. Lunch is prepared for days with the copious amount of leftovers. Each child gets to blow out the candles even when it is not their birthday and then we all eat the spit covered cake with lemon meringue slice, custard tart, doughnuts, cupcakes and mountains more.
  • With our stomachs achingly full, we then head to our fourth birthday. A fortieth for one of Dean's friends. This party can only be described as a 21st with an older guest list. Pizza, beer, nibbles and disco ball. Unfortunately with Sunday on our minds, we had to leave at a respectable hour and missed the Karaoke. (Not unfortunate for those who missed Dean's tone-deaf tunes.)

Today was spent at our home removing walls. We now have a gaping hole in one of the bedrooms daring Ms Mother Nature to apply her wrath. Sadly, a hole in one wall is nothing compared to the nakedness that it will receive this week. 

No roof, no walls and winter is not the best of circumstances to begin a game of double dare with the weather man!

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  1. your present has been applied to his bedroom walls - lanterns look fab & the planes are up high so he can look at them from his bunk bed..thank you Rose! My boy must be quite impressed with her...he crawled past the boys he was sitting next to and parked himself next to her during the movie :-)


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