Friday, 10 June 2011

Frock envy

So my 3 big girlies had a school dance. I promised new outfits and this is what they chose.

I am so in love with Cate's dress. I want one in every size for all of the girls and every colour for me. The photos of Rose and Cate were taken on the way home from the shops, and Josephine's photo was taken as we were leaving to go to the disco. I curled her hair and she had a glittery belt and a silver heart shaped handbag as well as borrowed my red beads! This is her first disco with her new school friends and she was terribly excited. It took her ages to go to sleep as she could not stop dancing around the house.

Rose, looks like an angel in this photo. I love her pretty dress mixed with the long, frilly, grey socks with bows on top. She could pull off any outfit she is so beautiful. She wore a delightful, cropped, pink, fur coat over the top and I curled her hair also. A dance is perfect for her. She spends her whole life saying to me, "My feet just want to dance Mummy, I can't help it".

And another of that fantastic dress. Adore the coral colour. She decided to accessorise with a cute red handbag and a sweet black cardi. She wore pearls and a pefect pair of black heels with a big bow on them. {Little girl heels, of course!} If there is one thing my kids have inherited from me it is - accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.

Oh I am in love. This dress is going in my box of their favourite clothes definitely!


  1. such beautiful girls xx

  2. ps anonymous would be Tami, it's the only way i can comment, so don't get frecked out ;o)

  3. Hi there,
    THank you for following my blog!
    Your daughters are so beautiful!
    Love your blog, so creative!


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