Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hold the apples!

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but for the next few days -

The whole world is to hold their breath as we pray Rose doesn't lose her tooth in the next few days! Nobody is to give her any apples, steak or anything unless you can inhale it or suck it up a straw.

When Cate and Rose were babies, I was vigilant about their photo albums. I made a home-made decorated birthday cake every birthday and was careful to document all of their firsts. Now I have 4, I must say I am not as anal/vigilant/organised and feel terribly guilty about it. We do enjoy the odd bought ice-cream cake and "Scrapbooking" is a swear word in my house.

Grace has one page in her photo album - her birth. I think I have a piece of paper somewhere that tells me when she sat up and walked, but Cate has it in a frame, with photos, in her perfectly presented photo album. {bow my head in shame} I can say that I do still take a lot of photos and I can still remember most of the details about each child without looking it up. 

So this brings me back to the tooth. Cate lost her first tooth only last year and the Tooth Fairy has only graced us with her presence one other time since. But this will be Rose's first tooth and the Tooth Fairy made a big deal about Cate's first baby tooth!!!

She left a teeny, tiny note and a shiny gold coin PLUS fairy dust. But she doesn't go back to work until Monday as that is where the printer is for her little note. The Tooth Fairy must use a printer because she has very similar handwriting to Santa, the Easter Bunny and mum apparently!

This is a very big deal for Rose and for me as her mum. She came to me last week saying that there was something in her mouth annoying her and without looking, I guessed she might have a tooth growing. There it was poking itself up behind one of her bottom front teeth. I should have started preparing myself then but at the time, there was no wobble. The benefit of this is that there will be no awkward photos of her with missing teeth - this time.

So if anyone sees my daughter in the next few days, please don't

  • Feed her
  • Swing things near her face, or
  • Attach any string to her tooth & a door handle and slam the door!

Thank you in advance.

I'd love to hear some of your Tooth Fairy tales. Post a comment below. x


  1. If things go pear shaped (apple shaped?!) before Monday, the tooth fairy is welcome to borrow my printer ;-)

  2. As a child I received lovely notes from the tooth fairy, until one day my dog apparently ate the tooth fairy's arm so sadly she could not write to me anymore!

  3. I guess it is not a very prosperous career to be the tooth fairy in my family. Four kids mouths full of teeth. I might need to get another dog.


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