Monday, 20 June 2011

Home, I miss thee.

I am really missing my home this week. The wintery weather is nicer when you are curled up in your own bed, listening to the rain replenishing your garden. I miss lying in front of our heater, cooking soups and wearing socks on the floorboards.

Please don't confuse my lack of feeling completely at home with ungratefulness. I am blessed and proud to have such a generous MIL. I know my family wouldn't move out of their home for us for a year. (They have for the weekend though.)

I have also learnt to love some of the things about this home that I hope to emulate in my renovated home. There are also things that I realise are not for me and my family of small children...
  1. NO TILES IN LIVING AREAS - I apologise to my MIL for the whole dinner set that has been smashed whilst we have lived here. Things break on tiles - things bounce on floorboards!
  2. LOTS OF LIGHTS - I must carry a torch around at all times. The light bulbs keep blowing, but even when they are working - I still can't see.
  3. KIDS OWN ROOMS - This is a must. Even their own beds will be a treat. Grace and Josephine are sharing a queen at the moment.
  4. HAND HELD SHOWERS - I love, love, love this feature about this house. It makes washing kids hair so easy!
  5. POOL - another great thing about this house. Thankfully, our pool was put in at the start of the renovation. We have had it for 6 months and never been in it!
  6. GARAGE - It is a luxury here to not get wet on the way from the house to the car.
  7. CENTRAL COOLING + HEATING - An indulgence I know, but knowing the girls are warm at night makes us all sleep better.
  8. NO CARPET - I am not a fan. Our room will have to be carpeted though as it is great for soundproofing, and there is nothing worse than a noisy upper level!
  9. CLOTHESLINE ON GRASS - This I won't be able to copy, but love it. When my girls insist on helping me with the washing, clothes get dropped on the grass and they don't get dirty. It is also easier to hang out the washing on a 40 degree day without shoes on!
  10. WALK IN ROBE - This was on the list even before I moved in here. We are having a dressing room. A whole room just for clothes, dressing, shoes and me. I will be doing something completely girly in here.
Now I did intend on having a myriad of pictures to go with each of my points, but got distracted by some fabulous dressing rooms, so here it is. 

And one for the clothesline on grass (I want this tablecloth)...

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