Friday, 3 June 2011

A rose for who?

Yesterday I arrived home to find a single, pale pink, long stemmed rose waiting on our door mat. Automatically I thought of a friend who has given me a rose from her garden in the past, but, we aren't living in our house at the moment and I don't think she would drive for 30 minutes, without calling first to make sure I was home.

I posted my present on Facebook, hoping someone would take credit for the sweet gesture, only to be reminded that it might not have been for me. Was it left for Dean, or one of the girls, or even for my mother in law, whose house we have currently taken over?

Was it from an admirer, a friend or an unwanted infatuation? I am going to believe that someone special knew I needed it and I will do the same for someone else next week - just to pay it forward. Watch your door mats in anticipation!

I also acquired some more pretty things. By that I mean I purchased them, but Dean believes they are birthday gifts :). Technically they are as I did receive money to spend on myself for my birthday. He questioned my need for more jewels. I replied that I intended to hand them down to the girls one day, to which he answered, "that bunch of beads?". Oh my gosh, that hurt. I have arranged some images of some of my "beads" to prove they are not purely to adorn me, but to please me when I look at my dresser!
(This is only a fraction of them).

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