Friday, 17 June 2011

Sigh. It's Friday.

After a week of weather to match my moods, I am glad to say "Thank God it is Friday"!

We have had storms and sunshine this week and in our home, we have had laughter and tears (and not just from the kiddies).

After the start of the week posing quite challenging for me, the end has become easier. I realised that the reason I couldn't get everything done was purely the weather's fault! With the rain, comes traffic delays, which for me means over two and a half hours in the car a day!

I am one person, and the time between getting home after school to bed time, is not nearly enough time to cook tea, fold washing, bath four children, sit and do an hour of homework, feed kids and get them into bed as well as clean up. Unfortunately, with Dean's new job comes longer hours and he is not usually home to help me do some of these things anymore.

I was relieved to conclude that in losing the extra hour after school, and the extra parent, I hadn't just become completely useless, but it was just not physically possible to do it all.

When I was at home, I had a house keeper for four hours a week. She helped with the chores that I found challenging with four small children. It is sometimes hard to clean floorboards that were slippery when wet when they were crawling and running through them. I also noticed, that I went out and did something with the kids while she was there, so it was a win win situation.

I can't justify a cleaner at the moment. This house is filled with my MIL's furniture and bulging with our many possessions in every available space too! I don't want the homework to be the thing that suffers, or cooking their tea, so I think that I need to just leave the dishes on the bench and not wipe the table down, and leaving the washing until after the girls go to bed. I have always fallen on to the couch as soon as their eyes have closed and loved knowing that once they were asleep, I could just sit and do nothing. I don't think I can afford that luxury anymore. {sigh}

Hurry up house. I don't want to live so far away anymore. I want my girls to have their own rooms so they don't wake each other up at the sounds of sparrows and I want to be able to see my pretty things. Here is a collage of some pretty things - the only space I have in the world to display it. {big poor me}

My favourite rose in the shape of a heart.

Surely they can't taste as good as they look. Death by macaroon?

Whimsical woodland.
Inspiration for mum.
I have all of the pretty things in this photo.
This could be my table - if I ever get to unpack it!

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