Monday, 6 June 2011

A sleepy Sunday - on a Monday!

Ahh, the end of a lovely weekend. I love long weekends and this one was extra long because the girls didn't go to school on Friday. 

Last night my bestie had a sleepover (with her 3 kids). I would like to know why, when we get married the sleepovers stop? What a fun night. Her three kids are similar in age to my younger three. Her daughter is actually Josephine's best friend too. I hope this continues the rest of their lives. It is so sweet.

Having 2 big sisters who have had the odd sleepover, Josephine is obsessed! She comes home from school and tells me about all of the sleepovers she and her friends have organised. She was very excited to have Milly stay over, even if her mum and brothers did too.

So after staying up late and gossiping, today I was very tired. Dean played golf with my BIL, so I had a small nap with 3 little girls this afternoon (while Cate watched TV), who didn't get a lot of sleep themselves.

I must admit that since living here, we have had a few sleepovers. We aren't exactly nearby to many of our friends at the moment, so the odd family has stayed over. They are much more fun than the kid only sleepover when I have to keep going in and reminding them to go to sleep!

I also downloaded the iphone app - Camera+. I love this one. It is much easier to use than Hipstamatic. You can actually see what you are photographing. 

When I ventured outside to bid farewell to our guests, I took these lovely photos of the girls and of some of the beautiful roses we now have blooming (quite confused about what season it is, I'm sure).

I love how easily you can just change the filter and frame and - voila - an amazing image!

Unfortunately, Rose, who has always taken a perfect photo (not so hard - she is very beautiful), is going through a stage where, whenever the camera is pointed at her, she pulls a face! She just can't help herself. Maybe she is sick of me photographing her. I just love the fact that she (used to) always look so angelic, yet is a total ratbag!. x

Quite by coincidence, they are all looking in the same direction. Whilst this is my most recent blog, they kind of look like they are looking at me. A bit Brady Bunch-ish really! Now for Dean to have "4 boys of his own..." {giggle}

These roses are just fabulous, aren't they? I think the yellow one, is gold bunny. And the other one, is my favourite rose, Pierre de Ronsard. {Swoon}


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