Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Some quick kisses..

To my sweet Rose. Thank you for my breakfast in bed yesterday. What a wonderful surprise. I love you Princess. Biggest kisses for you. x

To my baby Grace. Lots of love and kisses. I hope you get better soon. I hate seeing you so unwell. I love the cuddles at night but miss my sleep (can a mummy say that?). You are the smile-y-est sick baby ever! x

To my sweet friend who gave me a "may May be over " gift. Thank you. My jewels will live happily. Now for a magic fairy to make those shoes my size! (I received a trinket box with an amazing pair of teeny tiny Loius on top).

And to my beautiful husband. Just because. x

Oh, and to thank you for stocking that wonderful lemon dress on my wishlist {gush}! Now for delivery...

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  1. Your daughters are so beautiful!
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