Wednesday, 15 June 2011

They say colours can affect your mood!

Josephine had a fairytale dress up day at kindy today and, like most four year old girls, she wanted to be a princess. She chose this purple gown and we attached a hairpiece and viola - Rapunzel.

The problem was that today was rainy and freezing cold, so we had to accessories with purple top underneath and stockings. This also made it hard to get a great photo so I thought I would embellish it with flowers. Can you tell she was cold?

Dressing up like fairies and princess, doesn't fool me one little bit this week though. I have had a challenging few days. Rose has had selective hearing (she can hear the tv but not me) and Cate has been possessed by a hormonal teenager! She has been doing things to annoy the others and get them in to trouble.

I will go into more detail about this in a few days, after I devise a plan to get everyone working as a team again. It normally takes a few days of me pulling my hair out before I wake up and start fresh with a more positive attitude about what I expect from them and more importantly, myself.

I feel the need for some visual happiness to help me get through until then. Maybe this will help? My idea of caravanning {note to Dean - this doesn't mean I WANT to go caravanning}...

Click to enlarge. Found at
Ah, feeling better already.

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