Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Travel Bug - more like lingering disease!

Step back 8 years and I was an innocent 20 something, full of love and surrounded by Swarovski crystals and Chantilly lace one week before my wedding, and my husband2B was off on his stag week - in Bali.

The phone call was one of those moments I will never forget. It was the middle of the night and answering the phone to Dean hysterically talking about bombs and injured people was just the beginning of a frightening few days.

FF to October 2010 and after an annual night out with his friends that were with him that night, I was surprised by an announcement that he had organised a holiday for us - to Bali. I have spent the past few months hoping it would just go away, but it is just getting nearer.

So I have concluded that the term "Travel Bug" for me, means the terrible feeling inside my stomach that makes me feel nauseous and the wave of fear I get whenever someone says to me - "how exciting, not long now".

I am not anticipating being blown up, or afraid of how he will feel being back there again. I am afraid of leaving my children. Now don't get me wrong. I am all for some private time with Dean. I am a big believer that having a great relationship with my husband makes me a better mother and that time for us is just as important as the girls having one on one time with us.

I am afraid of being so far away from them and if anything happened to us, who would look after them. So I said it. Who can take 4 more children! I know I like to think I could, but that would automatically give me eight children. Who can fit that many kids in a house, car or hotel room?

These thoughts I am sure will continue up until the day I leave and long into our romantic getaway. I know I will enjoy the serenity but I know that the best part of the holiday will be arriving home and seeing those beautiful faces again.

On a happier note. I welcomed another follower today and after perusing her blog, decided my affliction to yellow may be lessening! Here is the image that swayed me and some others I have collected over the last few days.
This shade of yellow would have to be my favourite.
I know it in PMS but what colour would  it be described as?
Butter, lemon, acid - not quite right.
Love the hot pink coffee table
Yellow door. Pink floorboards. A big commitment. 
This is similar to the look I want for my new living area.
White walls, couch and kitchen. Colourful everything else!
My next craft project I think.
I could actually teach Cate and Rose to do this.
An easy sewing project with maximum pride at the end.
The white and colour combo again. {love}
A definite.
My plan for our current table. {I think}
Do I do colourful chairs or the Phillipe Stark Louis Ghost chairs???
If I didn't have to share my room with a man -
it would look similar to this!
And the bath like this.
And my dreams would be like this. {la la de da}
Divine. I want one. Buy it here...
Mum please start making one now for me for Christmas.x
(Bigger than this one pls)

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