Monday, 13 June 2011

We have action (house) & some inaction (me)

So other than the pool being put in and general demolition, our house has been at a stand still. But, lo and behold, we have action. The electrician is disconnecting the wiring for the roof to come off next week! {dance}

I can now say with confidence, it will rain next week. Our dry winter will miraculously become plentiful. I can't complain - I have been waiting for this moment for 6 months. And being a country girl (deep, deep down), the rain is welcome. {she says with gritted teeth}

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On another note, I went to yoga with my friend Toni last night. I am not known for my athleticism or contortionism (may be a word I have just invented) and that was reinforced last night. I came home quite sore and less bendy than when I left home! I had to buy exercise clothes to wear as I don't own a tracksuit. {I have secretly worn Dean's in the past though} My kids gasp in shock at seeing me in "trackie pants". I am a dress/skirt wearer.

I am one of those people who can run better in heels than in sneakers. (I don't actually run in heels either - I don't run) Apparently my legs kick out to the sides. Funny in print and hilarious when Dean reenacts it. I also organised delivery of a cross trainer to help me get fitter. I am running out of excuses and have a bathing suit that will need to be worn on my scary holiday!

I don't have a sweet tooth, and can leave a block of chocolate in the fridge for a special occasion but I love cheese! Melted on toast, sprinkled on a tomato pasta, blanketed in pastry, mmm. I do have the will power to sustain and mostly only allow treats, but "treating myself" can be like an alcoholics bender - last days!

I grew up with a mother who was completely at ease with her body - it helped that she was naturally thin. She taught us that we should take pride in ourselves, but accept who we are. She has never denied herself of culinary cravings and her weakness is chocolate! She vowed from the day she turned 40 that she would wear lipstick everyday and has - even with farm clothes! I want my girls to feel confident and beautiful and not body conscience. I also want them to take pride in their appearance at the same time. That is why the "F" word is banned in ours house, the f-word being F-A-T. (The other one is banned also.)

Now, off to enjoy something yummy before the exercise beast arrives and the cheese free "diet" begins. {sigh}

Wish me luck.

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