Thursday, 7 July 2011

The chair that was

I had plans for a day of domestic duties, but unfortunately, the house is untidy, kids are watching TV and I am about to curl up on the couch with my babies and hope Dean comes home early. I am sending him subtle ESP nudges that I hope he recognises as my calls for help.

I have a migraine.

This is why... I tried to recover a chair! When I start a project I sit and go until it is done - no drinks, food or toilet breaks. I am also a self taught (if you could even say "taught") seamstress! Today was my first attempt at piping.

I don't love it (hence why it is embellished with a cute kid and bow in the photo). Maybe it is the mind numbing ache of my head that is making me say that, but I don't. I am happy I learnt something today, but I hate dislike it. This just means that it will be amazing next time. Things are always faster, easier and better the second time around!

Stay tuned.

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