Saturday, 30 July 2011

Officially "The Ladies"

My new master bath is going to be pure heaven, but this has not come about in a heavenly manner. There have been squabbles. Dean and I have disagreed about many things and there are still areas of unresolved design.

I have very strong feelings about the loo. It is true that if you were to be caught on the loo, you would want to be found side on! Men, have different views, from behind you see a slight plumbers crack, side on - the plumbing! From a young age, girls are taught to cross their legs and be a lady - no can do on the loo - it's the man sit - and not nice front on!

Loo bling!
Only $175,000
We have also disagreed on the amount of privacy an ensuite needs. According to Dean, none. No doors, walls, half walls, screens, nothing. I need a door - near my foot. My loo is my office. I have four children who happily sit on the floor while I am "working". I want to be able to put my foot behind it to stop someone entering whilst I'm doing my business.

Not only has he positioned the door non-foot distance away, he has positioned it next to a floor to ceiling window. Oh no, I need mood lighting. Natural light in a toilet is a no-no. I don't want to see my rude bits in natural light whilst doing those things! And really, a bathroom filled with natural light and reflective, sparkling, white tiles sounds amazing, but would you really get naked in such a room? Not me, not until after dusk. I am going to have to rise with the sparrows to shower before dawn. This is not about anybody else seeing me naked - I don't want to see myself in that light!

Dean has no sense of loo privacy either. He will just walk in and talk to me like I am sitting at the table. I need to be able to lock him out! My loo is my library, my celebrity gossip watercooler (aka trashy magazine haunt), and where I catch up on the importance of Dean's FHM subscription (only because he leaves them on the floor, right next to the bowl, like his imaginary bookshelf).

Luckily, there will be two more loos downstairs - one just for me, and believe me, it will be worth the skip! I am officially naming it "The Ladies". Light - subtle, but readable. Acoustics - great, inside a room, inside the laundry. Door - foot distance and parallel to the seat!

Skip to the loo my darling...


  1. Haha classic!

  2. I am 100% with you on this one Jo. I am prepared to fight on your behalf. L

  3. Great it helps that his family are on my side. :)

  4. Shit you're funny JoJo! Love it.
    My ideal loo has a chandelier and wallpaper :)


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