Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Must you mess with my MOJO!

Something is wrong. The earth must have started spinning in the opposite direction! There have been a few discrepancies in my norm lately that have thrown me out of my comfort zone.

A new mum at school was wearing a brighter colour than me! We have a very well dressed school community. All the mums always look beautiful, but I'm not sure if it is a winter thing or the fact that darker makes us slimmer, but black is the predominant hue.

I am usually there in bright colours, over accessorised, dresses, heels etc, but on this particular day I was wearing shades of dark. A black damask coat with a fur stole clasped with a vintage brooch, patterned, brown, fishnet tights and my brown leather boots. No colour.

I waked into the classroom and adorning an unfamiliar face was the most adorable, coral-orange satin jacket I have ever seen. Pleated frills on the shoulders, wrapped in a belt. Pure envy flooded me. I had to walk out of the room!
Not the actual hat,
but equally enviable.

I then arrived at work, only for Josie, (the epitome of all things ladylike), to walk in wearing jeans and a hat! In the 9 years we have worked together, she has worn pants maybe 5 times and never a hat. Admittedly, my jealousy flared again as it was the most adorable hat ever. What was happening to me?

Yesterday she wore a hot pink beret, fuschia cardigan and heels plus the best ever magenta, crocheted scarf. She would catch me staring throughout the day and say, "You want me to make you one of these don't you?" Of course I did!!!

Then, on Saturday night, I went out to dinner wearing flats. They were terracotta, but flat. My friend Ness even commented on my being unusually vertically challenged - no heels. What was happening? I was going out for dinner, without the kids and I consciously took the heels off and opted for flats.

Whilst at dinner my girlfriend who married last year announced she was thinking babies! I don't think I ever considered her having one. She loves her social life, indulges in red grape juice often and has a waist the size of a keyring. She also has 3 part-time step children that came without stretch marks, baby weight, hormones and nine months of sobriety. Confused.

No, I can completely understand. She has watched my and Ness' kids grow. She was there the 7 times we announced we were pregnant. I think our kids would make anyone want a thousand. They are cute, funny, well behaved (mostly) and make us happier, better, more complete people.

I love being a mum and hope that she gets to experience the wonderfulness that is being a mother. As for the coral jacket lady - this is for you - my new coat - snap.


  1. I'm sure we can bump that Mum off if you want us too? Martha

  2. Ha ha. Nice to know someone has my back. I will fight fashion with fashion. This is war!


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