Thursday, 7 July 2011

Panadol vs Pampering

The migraine has continued today. No amount of Panadol (or stronger for those who know me well) is helping.

I did wake up feeling horrible, but, thanks to my two best friends, I partook in an hour of pampering. Dean suggested I go back to bed, but lying down, having a facial was just the ticket! I felt amazing. The only downfall was that once I got up, I felt crappy again.

Thank you to Toni and Ness for the lovely birthday gift, used on just the right day. I hope tomorrow brings clear skies, happy children, painless head and while I'm making unrealistic wishes - meals that prepare themselves and houses that stay clean!!!

Ok, I'm over the self pity - bring happiness to all and a big hug to those around me who need it right now.

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