Sunday, 3 July 2011

A weekend of work, rest and play

This week we saw our home well and truly demolished. From the front, you wouldn't even know we are renovating. I even found an Avon catalogue on the verandah, so to the outside world, it is a normal home. But if you venture down the laneway, we have a home-in-progress.

Last year, to finance our major upgrade, we renovated an investment property. 10 years ago, we purchased a 3 bedroom house on a large block and had rented it out ever since. We subdivided the back and a new house has since been erected, but retained the front house as our nest egg.

A budget of $10,000 was used to make it saleable! The tenants left the house in an awful state and it took weeks alone just cleaning it. We installed a new kitchen, repainted the whole house (inside and out) and revamped the bathroom. It sold the first week it was on the market.

I was very proud we did this as a family. It is not easy renovating a home on weeknights and weekends with 4 kids under 7! It took us 2 months of full weekends. The girls were amazing. They never complained and were always on their best behaviour.

This time, I am finding it harder. We have bricks and sledgehammers flying everywhere. There is no shelter. A pool with no pool fence (it is covered with wire, timber and plastic though) and very limited bathroom facilities! We also have no power for a makeshift kitchen. I was proud of the fact that we did the other house ourselves, but I am feeling more pressured to ask for help with the child minding this time around. It really isn't fair to make them play in one spot all day and unsafe for them to be wondering around while the house is in such a state.

So, today I think, will be their last time there for a while. Here is some pics of how they entertained themselves.

Make-up and nails courtesy of her big sisters.
A kitty cat that was a task to remove. Lipliner!

The craft box. Luckily I removed the paints and glue
before allowing this unsupervised activity in the cubby house.

The big girl's fairy garden. Made in the bird-bath bowl using
the last of our living plants. 

The little girl's fairy garden.
Thanks to my sister for keeping us company today while my BIL helped Dean (the master demolisher) remove our back doors and my precious dining room window. Let's hope this week is as productive as last week. Here is a pic of the men at work.

And, just because she is so adorable, a picture of my princess. Yesterday we had a quiet day at home with my sister and nephews visiting. Grace dressed herself in this cute little headband I made a few years ago.  It went perfectly with her adorable, retro print dress.

Purely edible!

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