Sunday, 31 July 2011

We've hit a wall...

or a big hunk of concrete!

Currently the renos have come to a screaming halt, and the reason is a little word - SLAB, big problem! Now we are Australian and when I sent my BIL a text asking if he would help Dean break through a slab - I didn't mean drink a carton of beer. But with the amount of success they had, you would think they had been drinking all day!

Our old office, which will be divided between the new kitchen and dining, was previously tiled. It was part of an extension done by the previous owners. They had extended back and tiled a new laundry and office, but laid floorboards for the living area. Now we want to add on to the living area to include an open plan dining, living, kitchen and there is a slab in our way!

Dean, being a money man, decided rather than enlist the help of the man with the big saw again, he would do it himself! Currently, after 2 days, we have six square inches less concrete.

I am slowly visualising Rose's birthday in my MIL's house. The day I start thinking I might be eating my Christmas dinner here, you can say I have lost hope. We have bricks arriving this week and need the concrete gone to build footings for the new slab. With us going to Bali on Friday, I can see our home sitting as is for 2 weeks. {sob}

On a much happier note, I purchased a new table today. I am in love. It is very similar to our current table, but seats 8-10. I found myself staring at it, just thinking about the meals and conversations that will be had around that table. That table will be the one my babies will sit at for the rest of their childhood.

I know, to you it is just a table, but to me, it is a fresh bit of enthusiasm about this renovation. Just in time, as I was about to call upon my BIL to help me break through a slab {of beer}.

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