Wednesday, 20 July 2011

You light up my life

Lights. An important decorating decision. I have a little obsession with light fittings. They are the first thing I notice when I walk into a room.

Chandeliers, retro fittings, drum lights, fairy lights, lanterns, down lights, tea light candles - all make me smile. I have visions of floating lights on my pool, fairy lights hung in trees in my backyard and romantic mood lighting in my bedroom.

I spotted Josephine's bedroom light over a year ago. I was at a birthday party nearby and saw it in a shop window. A hot pink, felt covered chandelier of birds and leaves. This is the actual photo I took on my phone while it hung in the store.

While on a wallpaper hunt last year, I stumbled upon a beautiful green chandelier. I photographed it and told Dean that if he ever had a moment of utter frivolity, I wanted that chandelier! It broke my heart to hear that there was another in ruby red at their other store. {sigh, it still hurts}

In Melbourne on a holiday 3 years ago, I saw a fabulous cluster of retro lights. I was smitten. Wouldn't it look great hanging low in a soaring stairwell? Then, recently, Mrs S. did something similar - I will walk past just to peruse their lights.

Has anyone noticed the lights hanging above Mrs Foreman's kitchen bench in That 70s Show? Cheese graters! Maybe not as cool as this bright orange one, but just as fun.

I am always on the lookout for fabulous lights. The only ones I have actually purchased are Josephine's and one pale pink, glass, retro light fitting. They are proving to be difficult to find (or I am very picky). All the more fun looking!

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