Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The absence of blue (& crepe paper)

So my bribery completely backfired. Rose jogged down the field, winning a fistful of yellow ribbons. Cate on the other hand, won blue in a team event. I'm not sure I was clear enough about the rules. My plan was for Rose to actually break into a sprint, but no.

Cate was much improved this year though. She came second in her heat, (still C division, but she can now overtake a couple of girls). I was so proud of her. She could probably read a novel faster than run 400m, but high five to her for today.

It is a wonderful feeling, watching your angels running against their peers and enjoying themselves. I remember the feeling of fear that came over me, on sport carnival week. I hated the horrible red shirts we wore and always came last (like Cate, my sister got the running gene)!

But, I do remember the wonderful feeling of being part of a team. The mascots, the music, the singing, the marching, the streamers and chants. Most of which was absent from today. How disappointing that children today will never hear the rustling of crepe paper. Isn't is sad that most of the wonderful memories of our childhood, are just too un-environmentally friendly! Now they are just plain unfriendly! No red coloured shirts, just coloured bibs. No face paint or toys or music. Everyone gets a participation ribbon, no one's feelings are hurt, just no feeling!

I will go to sleep tonight basking in my motherly pride, and savour the wonderfulness of being a part of today, but I am sad for the life they will never know they missed.

My girls actually spent 2 hours last night making pompoms from crepe paper for today - all to be kept in a plastic bag, not allowed out. Hence my disappointment! Image.

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