Friday, 12 August 2011

Don't do drugs

I am sure everyone would agree, the worst part of a holiday, is the washing! Dean purchased a few snazzy, white linen tops while on holiday and lovingly washed them, and hung them out to dry. Then he filled the machine with all of my clothes, together. I later pulled them out of the dryer, only to find them all with a pink hue and slightly smaller!

Yes, I am grateful he took the initiative to help with the washing, but why my clothes? I guess it is payback for all of the work shirts hanging in his robe slightly pinker than purchased.

The clean up was similar to a natural disaster. The house was littered with shoes, clothes (clean and dirty), mail, notes from teachers, birthday invites and anything else the girls had discarded along the way. There were clean dishes lined on the bench from mum, who had found them, but forgotten where from.

Then, sitting under piles of paperwork, were two notes, in my handwriting. According to Rose, I had placed them in their lunch boxes the night I left. I then spent the rest of the day searching the house, for the other two, I had apparently written.

I had no recollection of writing these notes nor could I find the notebook from which they were torn from, so I rang mum to enlighten me a little. She rattled off a list of things I did that night, that I still do not remember! Note to self - the happy pills not only work for flying, they work for all sorts of things!

I don't remember falling asleep in the girls' bed, wedged between Grace and Josephine. I don't remember getting out of the taxi, in a panic, and running back inside to Josephine, who was crying in her sleep. I don't remember getting in the taxi!!! The moral of this story has to be, don't do drugs.*

* Unless you are afraid of flying, have a cold, headache, backache, sore toe, can't sleep, can't stop sleeping, high blood pressure, low blood pressure...  maybe just don't do drugs when you are about to get on a plane bound for overseas, where they still shoot people for having drugs!!

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