Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Green for blue ribbons

I may or may not have been a bad mother today. Tomorrow is the girls sports carnival, and I have promised them a monetary reward, for blue ribbons! Is this bribery? 

Rose is an excellent athlete, but she lacks motivation. She isn't concerned if she wins or loses. She just can't be bothered! Cate on the other hand, tries to do her best in most parts of her life, but can never achieve what comes naturally to Rose. 

Last year, Cate came last - in fourth division!, She was so adorable telling her Grandma she came fourth (not mentioning, there were only four in the race). She is not concerned about her lack of athleticism. Rose came second, she kept turning around to see who was behind her, and got overtaken at the finish line. 

Cate's legs aren't made for running. They are long, and on somebody a little more co-ordinated, they could fly to the finish line with grace and speed, but on Cate, they resemble a newborn giraffe. Rose has the most amazingly muscly legs, I know she could win if she tried, so I offered her a sweetener.

I know of parents who pay their children to take piano lessons, or give bonuses for A's, so how does this differ? I think a little competitiveness can be a good thing, it helps you aim higher, and try harder. They are "racing" against their peers, why can't I make them try harder to better themselves? I guess, I am trying to justify my "bribery".

race : noun, verb
a contest or competition, especially to achieve superiority.
a contest of speed, as in running, riding, driving.

Cross your fingers for my girls tomorrow, and don't worry, they will still be rewarded for their "less than blue" efforts. I have a secret stash of chocolate rewards for my little champions tomorrow night.

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