Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Holiday Hangover 1

I am happy to be home. My girls reacted to our arrival, just as every homesick mummy wishes! Grace and Rose came running up to us yelling, "Mummy, Daddy", with bright smiles and outstretched arms. I remember, last time we went away for a few days without them, I stood at the gate, arms wide in anticipation, and they just walked up to me and said, "Hi Mum, what did you buy me?"

We then went straight to school to pick up the other girls. They were just as adorable with their excited welcomes. (Rose was home sick today, 100% sick babies for Grandma)

Tonight has only involved present giving, a big bath filled with 5 girls, dinner and lying in our bed together, cuddling. The house is chaos, but I figure, it will still be that way tomorrow!

I have just put together a quickie of some of our happy snaps. (These are the iphone snaps.) I hope to post some more over the next few days, with some little stories about my first trip to Bali.

Some quick captions for the above are - The beautiful resort at Lembongan, my pedicure and new thongs to match (that is Dean at the pool bar), cocktails on the sunset deck.

And most important lesson learned - when someone tells you to "wear shorts", believe them! I wore this long fuschia and tangerine dress to Lembongan, forgetting that you have to wade out to the boat, climb to a dingy, wade to land! I felt really summery, colourful and most of all, like SJP in Sex in the City 2 - sometimes too much, other times, just enough.

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  1. Sounds great. I am glad you went, conquered your demons and came back alive. All good.


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