Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Holiday Preparation 101

I don't profess to be a seasoned traveller, in fact I am the opposite. I hate flying and my ideal holiday is having someone cook tea for me at home. But, I am anal and do have some words of wisdom about Holiday Preparation.

Firstly, a trip to the doc is mandatory. I need the pills to fly, so I need a note for the people with the looong gloves. I also had a most unattractive 'orb' growing on my neck. I'm sure it was visible from space and had it's own moon! Even the doctor stood back from me and said, "ooh yuck, antibiotics - lots".

I now have a case of Bali belly and haven't even left yet - is it the antibiotics, or is it nerves? Doesn't matter because, the planet that was growing from me is slowing dying a painful death. Mission accomplished.

Secondly, my opaque pins needed a tan, and quick. I now have a glamorous golden hue, except where the paper panties sat. This time, I was coloured by a lady who resembled a chest freezer. A much better alternative, to standing naked in front of someone, who moonlights as Giselle's stunt person! (As opposed to my stomach that could only pass as an old, deflated balloon.)

(I am writing this post at the table with my sticky skin airing, trying not to run stripes in my tan. What else can I do while it dries?)

Airport attire. What to wear when you leave home in 7 degree darkness and arrive to 27 degree daylight? I am going with leggings, flats, a long sleeved, cotton shirt and a denim jacket, then packing a blanket in my hand luggage.

So now that I have sorted the preflight personal grooming. I am going to have to deal with the unavoidable, unfun part of leaving your four kids for five days. Making sure the car has petrol. Confirming school uniforms are all clean, ironed and easily accessible. Ensuring the pantry is overflowing with food. Clean bathrooms and put fresh sheets on the beds. Boring!

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