Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The last of the tanties (hopefully)

True to form, my little pumpkin farewelled the terrible twos today by throwing the mother of all tantrums! Tomorrow she wakes up 3, so today's spectacle was hopefully, a final horrah to her two year old temper.

I am very aware that she is babied, Grace is the only one of our children that has slept in our bed (and wakes up there most mornings). She has a way of getting through the day by doing very little for herself. She will demand someone feed her, carry her, dry her and clean up after her. If not mummy or daddy, a sister will do it.

Today, I made myself unavailable for her usual morning demands - she had to dress herself. I'm sure my neighbours thought I was beating her. She shouted at me, hit me and if I could understand her speech impaired screams, probably swore at me! She threw herself on the ground, growled and even tried to make herself throw up!

I calmly told her to sit down and I would assist her, but she was to dress herself - she was having none of it. I hadn't had my morning coffee, so I thought this was very brave of her. A non-caffinated mother can sometimes overreact to situations, but I just turned away from her and giggled to myself. She is so cute.

The 3 bigger girls all fluffed around, offering dummies, helpful hands, cuddles, and even tried to bargain with me, to give in! Josephine was following Grace around the room with her pants, trying to coax her into them.

Once dressed and back to her jovial self, we had a cuddle and it was as if the whole thing had never happened. I am not looking forward to tomorrow night - our first night without the dummy. She is so addicted to her dummies, but knows that her birthday means they are to be given away. That's why, this whole week, when someone has mentioned Friday, she has cried, "I don't want my birthday, I not want to be three."

Toughen up princess, I didn't want to be thirty (for the last few years), but had to!

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