Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Leaving room for shoes

Well here we are - my last full night home, before I fly away, childless. My happy pills were picked up this morning, so I know, come tomorrow night I will be popping my first dose of flying fearlessness.  I'm adding those last few things to our suitcases, and removing the things I hope to replace while I'm there (namely shoes).
I am missing my kids already, but I love the fact that they are so happy about us going. To them, it is a sleep over for Grandma, a holiday to the farm, fish fingers for tea, staying up late, and presents from mum and dad! Sounds great, maybe I should stay home! It sounds like Dean and I, plus the girls are all getting a little holiday. I wonder if Grandma feels the same way!

There are some things that I am looking forward to NOT doing -
  • Making 4 beds (two queens) every day
  • The morning school run
  • Cooking a meat dish and a vegetarian dish each night
  • Washing clothes, floors, sheets, dishes etc etc
  • Hearing the alarm clock before 8am

Then, there are the things I will miss most -
  • My kids, their cuddles, their smell, their cold feet on mine in bed
  • Hearing about their day, on the school run home
  • Watching my girls devour their tea
  • My bed (which is technically, my MIL's bed - creepy!)

Then, for the bit I hope makes you all really jealous of me (this doesn't happen much, for some reason, having four kids in 5 years, doesn't evoke envy in people).
  • Daily massages
  • Manicures
  • Shopping
  • Poolside cocktails with my handsome hubby
  • Me time
  • Us time

The iPad is coming on holiday with us, primarily to Skype the girls, but also to blog the odd picture and words. My heart is racing, from either nerves or excitement, still not sure.

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