Saturday, 13 August 2011

My Kitchen Rules

Friday was Dean's last day of holidays, so we decided to be proactive, and start organising the interior fittings for the reno.

After dropping the 3 big girls at school, and Grace at Nanna's, we set off to IKEA. We are not getting an Ikea kitchen, but where else can you see bulk kitchens in a range of colours and styles? Now, the kitchen design we had in mind, has now changed, and that is thanks to Ikea.

Next port of call was our kitchen guru - Robin. We renovated our kitchen when we first moved in 6 years ago, and Robin was the man who made it all come together, stress-free, on budget (nearly), and exactly as planned. He also did my sister's kitchen when she renovated a few years ago.

After supplying him with our wishlist, he then sent us off to all of his suppliers to choose fittings. OMG, how many handles can one shop supply? Really, there were at least 10 handles of each design - brushed nickel, matt nickel, buffed nickel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, round, square, curved, blah, blah blah. It is not that complicated. I just want something to open my drawers that looks nice!

Luckily, we have a window splashback - you can imagine the choices there! Actually, it would have been an easy decision. A few years ago, I talked my sister into my ideal kitchen for a modern home. I made her do a wallpaper splashback in my dream wallpaper. It was a great idea - she had to search high and low to find a supplier who would do such a large sheet of glass, with no joins and no glue to hold it in place. She also had to fork out the small fortune for the beautiful wallpaper! Meanwhile, I just have a short drive to admire the most adorable kitchen in the world! (I do have my laundry splashback to go crazy with though - I'm thinking mirror!)

I believe that kitchens and bathrooms, even if you have a character home, can be very modern and contemporary. We have an art deco, 1940's home, and my kitchen will be in a room with a modern, modular, white leather lounge and a lot of very brightly coloured, vintage chairs.

I want something that is different, a conversation piece. So, am I brave enough for statement coloured cupboards? I think the answer might just be, to have the bench that is facing the living area wallpapered, then it can be changed, with minimum cost and the least amount of effort. A patterned print will also be forgiving of those dings from little girls, kicking it when they are sitting at the kitchen bench. That said, I do admire the homeowners below for being so bold ...

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  1. Your house should also compliment you and everyone else living in it. I mean, you chose the 2nd picture with the red cupboards in it, but make sure that you can live with it for a long time. I believe that a house mirrors the personality of the person/people living in it. So, don't just think about being unique and/or creative, also consider if it fits your personality.


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