Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My old ovaries hurt

Where has this year gone? It is already late August, and I am mentally living six months behind everyone else!

It feels like only yesterday that Josephine started school. Every school night she is so exhausted, like her body is not used to the long days, but really, she has been going for over six months! In a few weeks, my baby will actually be three! I have never said that before. My baby, has never been older than two, then another came along, so they weren't the baby anymore.

I think the most annoying thing, about it being August already, is the dismal progress on our house. I had envisioned us being back in for Rose's birthday. She is having a party this year, so I planned on having all of her friends over to celebrate, and to make up for the lack of play dates she has had. Unfortunately, I am now researching hosted party options.

The problem with your kids growing up, apart from the obvious, is that you grow up too, and by that I mean OLD. I am 8 years older than my childless self. The last time I went to sleep, and didn't have any child related worries, was nine years ago. I didn't know how someone could love another human being as much as a mother does.

I want time to slow down. Yesterday, I sat on the couch for half an hour, just smelling my nephew. He was asleep and snoring in my arms, content. I miss that. I miss having a baby. Grace will always be my baby, but I love being pregnant. I love newborns. I love breastfeeding. I love having babies and I will never have another.

Here is a copy of the first photos taken of my two little babies.  I look doped in the first one, because I was! Grace was the same in birth as she is in life - comfortable! She had to be coaxed (yanked) out. Also, the midwives found it amusing that I had 3 girls, and was there again, so shared the good stuff. I was soooo funny. (Well that is how I remember it - don't ask Dean.) I was cracking jokes and laughing a lot! My Don't do drugs post proves, I am hilarious on happy drugs! My mum was with Dean and I during Josephine's birth, so it was much more serious.

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