Thursday, 18 August 2011

Paying a premium for pink

Yesterday I went on a little shopping expedition. After taking Dean to pick up his new car, I thought I would do the upcycle thing, and drop into the tip. I really wanted some glass light fittings, and had heard a rumour, they had some. No, but they did have a retro Danish chair. Exactly like 2 others I already have, waiting to be recovered! I'm sure somebody tipped (pardon the pun) them off, and they moved it right to the door, knowing I would buy it. It is no secret that I have a chair fetish. Lights and chairs are my weakness.

After rearranging the car to fit the new addition in, I decided to follow another rumour, in the search for coloured lights. (Thanks Ness, you had me running around the city). I got two grumpy girls out of the car, again, and walked into the shop. I was floored, it was beautiful - rows and rows of coloured glass light fittings. My elation quickly turned to utter dismay when I realised, they didn't have the appropriate lip to hang upside down, as they were for oil lamps. The sales lady, then sent me to my local antique shop, around the corner from house - typical.

Having never gone in there, and feeling like I was a goose in a wild chase I wasn't expecting much - luckily. I think she saw me coming. There was a ceiling full of antique lights from chandeliers to art deco lights to coloured glass light fittings. Behind a locked cabinet door, was 5 shelves of pink light fittings, all of which I wanted. Then she explained to me that, the green and yellow and blue ones I enquired about were about $35, but all the rich pink ones were $200 plus, WHAT??? Since when was pink a premium (to anyone other than me)? Bugger!

 I walked out with a green light to add to my $8 yellow and $40 pastel pink ones at home. Not a complete waste, I do have another chair. Obviously there isn't as much of a demand for those as there is for the pink lights!


  1. JoJo, the element used to make pink/cranberry glass is gold. That's why it's more expensive.

  2. Really? Wow, did not know that. How interesting. I feel a glass colouring google search coming on - now I want to know how other colours are made.


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