Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rock chickadees

My boss, has always joked, how he can't wait for the day my girls get pierced, tattooed and turn gothic!

Well I'm sure the following images will amuse him. Cate and Rose did Josephine and Grace's make-up and nails. Obviously they need lessons in make-up application, and when they hit their mid-teens, I will show them. Luckily a little soap and nail polish remover, and they are my sweet, pink angels again.

Check out her nails and tutu, now there's a contradiction!
FYI, that is water, not vodka - um coffee, not coffee!
Rock chick!
Could've been a great photo, sans the racoon eyes!

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  1. The black nail polish, the vodka / coffee and the racoon eyes - Jo - they are already mini-goths. Get them back to the pink side quick.

    And mid-teens? for their makeup lessons. You might need to readjust your time frame.



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