Sunday, 7 August 2011

See how the other half live!

Today we went to Lembongan, a 30min boat trip from Bali. Dean's boss owns a resort there, on the beach. We were spoilt with million dollar views, accommodation, food, drinks and company. Catered to by their amazing staff, and entertained by their fabulous hospitality.

For lunch we were taken by local taxi (the back of a ute) to a secluded restaurant, atop a cliff. Not that this was any more amazing than their home. The whole place was accommodated by just them, their staff and friends for the month (as it does most of the year). For a glimpse at how the other half live, go to (Sorry about not making this a link, I am a bit sunburnt, Cosmopolitan-ed, and posting on the iPad)

The past few days have been a visual treat. Yesterday we went to the Potato Head, architectural eye candy. The front of the building and some of the internal ceilings are clad with timber shutters. Their website is under construction, but I urge you to Google Potato Head Bali and peruse some of the amazing images on the web.

I have some beautiful photos to share when I get home, but for now, this will have to suffice. My camera overdosed on Viagra and the zoom lens will not close, making it not fit back into it's cover, or take photos. Thank goodness for iPhones.

I would also like to send big hugs to my babies and fabulous mum. 30 minutes after we drove to the airport, Cate started vomitting. 24 hours later when she stopped, Josephine started. I miss and love you very much. A million kisses from Bali. xx

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