Sunday, 21 August 2011

Star Wife

Dean got back to Rose's dresser today. The further along it comes, the more I love it. I can't wait to see it finished and in her room. Of course, that would mean we would need some walls, and maybe a roof!

This week we will have a pad - exciting. Although, it would have been more exciting, about 5 months ago. Next we need a bricklayer and, that is proving to be a little problem (as usual). I think I have a minor meltdown once a week, then get that horrible sunken feeling inside, like you have just given up, and say, "oh well, what can I do?". 

I do think that Dean has been too busy, to really keep the wheels moving on this project. I can't {but do} get angry at him for this. He has had a huge change in work commitments this year, and this has enabled us to be in a even better position to renovate, financially. 

He has also been a bit distracted by his new car!!! It has all the bells and whistles, and he has been a little obsessed these last few days. He has happily gone to pick up some milk, or duck to buy a paper. He was also very, very upset, when Cate rode too close on her bike. Yes, it now has a large scratch down the side. Oh dear!

On a brighter note. He went out last night, to a work function - Employee of the Year. I am now married to the Employee of the Year! This comes with a couple of special pressies - $500 dinner voucher, a night at a luxury hotel, a trophy - not sure if there is money involved also. I might get shirts made up - "Star Employee", and perhaps mine would say "Wife - At home (Mother in Law's home), with the four kids, married to Employee of the Year, doesn't see him much, but the car helps!". Might not fit, maybe - "Star Wife"!

Congratulations Honey!

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