Monday, 29 August 2011

This house has a floor, has a floor, has a floor...

but no walls.

Argh! This renovation is driving me crazy. I am sick of people not turning up when they are scheduled, and not returning phone calls. Today, we were supposed to get walls, but, alas, no bricklayer = no walls.

The disheartening thing is all the well-wishers noting how, "the external bit goes up fast, the inside takes the time." Well, I had better settle in, it looks like I'm here for a while!

So far I have lived in hope. I am still packing food into baskets in the pantry and our toiletries are still in a box. Refusing to unpack our things, and place them in the cupboards here, just isn't fooling my subconscious any more. {sigh}

On the way to school this morning, we were discussing birthdays. In my self-pity, I may have suggested that I would be divorced and living elsewhere, if the reno was not completed by Josephine's birthday. This did not please Cate! Oops. Bad mother. Note to self - don't tell your child you will divorce their dad. Luckily, the others don't understand "divorce", so won't need therapy.

My plan is to not be so superficial by focussing on the exterior, and think interior. Because we have a hidey-hole into the roof, that is accessed through a midget door in the master bathroom, I am considering panelled or tongue and groove walls. This will hide the door into the wall, rather than it standing out. We have a modern, freestanding tub in the middle of the floor, so waterproofing is not imperative.

Some of these images are country, coastal and rustic - I want none of those. I plan on making panelling, the new tile, refreshing and updating a classic style. {Not completely convinced myself, but I have little choice, I don't want a dwarf door in the middle of a tiled or wallpapered wall!}

Love the floor!
Really love this floor.
Similar to our bath - it works with the panelling.

Not a fan of the overdone light, but love the panelling.
Interesting panelling, but wouldn't cover a door.

Love it with wallpaper.

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