Sunday, 28 August 2011

Valley Rally

Today we did The Valley Rally. I'm not going to be all gushy and say that it was a wonderful family day out, because that would be a lie! There were moments of wonderfulness, but they were few.

Four kids in and out of the car for three hours, was a bit ambitious. Cate was the only one who could fluently read the cryptic directions, the others only perked up when we had to get out of the car, to search for the markers.

It was however, nice to see some of the wonderful things the valley has to offer. I am astonished at the amount of beauty and creativity, we have at our doorstep. Dean commented that we could visit the valley every weekend, and still not see everything.

I also needed to take some photos for a Father's Day, school request, so the beautiful surroundings helped. Included in the images below, is my favourite sculpture at the sculpture garden (a pink diamond, of course), and Rose standing with the 9th marker, under the bridge. The photo of mum and dad, was taken by Cate.

I would totally recommend this fun outing to other families with children who can read.

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