Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Seven and still smiling!

Tomorrow is my angel, Rose's seventh birthday.

Just six months after giving birth to our twins, we found out we were pregnant again. After confirming there was only one baby, I settled into being pregnant, enjoying a trouble free pregnancy - for about 5 months!

I started feeling ill, my urine had turned black and I became jaundiced - my liver was shutting down. I'd contracted the CMV virus and was also diagnosed with cholestasis.

Cholestasis is a liver disease that only occurs during pregnancy, the symptoms were exactly as listed plus excessive itching, I spent long nights in the bath trying not to scratch my skin off. The other major problem with my diagnosis was that babies born after 37 weeks had a high risk of stillbirth. Still trying to come to terms with a stillbirth the previous year, I was induced at 36 weeks. Rose's birth was my best. She was only 6lb 5oz and perfect in every way.

Knowing her has made my life so much better. She is funny, smart, loving, thoughtful, sensitive, imaginative and infectious. She is the little girl with the curl, a perfect contradiction - perfect, pretty, precious, yet emotional, energetic and sometimes evil (I mean that in the nicest possible way).

These photos are all taken over a six month period, but she hasn't changed a bit. She is a complete ratbag!

Happy birthday my sweet baby. I hope you have the most wonderful day and amazing life. Save me a million birthday cuddles and kisses. I love you so much and hope all your dreams come true - I know you will make sure of it.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Weekend at Relly's

A quick post to share some photos of my birthday girl to be rocking "farm wear". Her silver glitter sneakers teamed with Cate's coral tutu and a pair of knee high socks, make her a superstar in waiting! I love how she puts together an outfit - cute, but not really appropriate for the farm!

We spent Saturday night at my cousin's farm near my school reunion. His gorgeous wife looked after my girls, with their three kids, while he snored on the couch. (Thanks Relly x) Their three kids have birthdays within a month of my big three, the trouble is that her middle child is a boy. He and Rose get stuck together, meaning she does a lot of running and grubby stuff. Grace just follows one of the pairs around that she feels is doing something fun. All in all, they come home exhausted but having had the best fun.

Grace slipped in to this collage by demanding to be photographed!
The other girls were off playing with their cousins.

I have every intention of doing a post all about the reunion but need to be less one migraine.

Friday, 23 September 2011

The chaotic mind of me...

The holy grail?
Chaos - summing up my day, or perhaps my mind, in a word!

I went shopping for 6 hours today. I am the kind of person who goes shopping with a particular outfit or item in mind - I spend hours looking for it and end up leaving completely frustrated and disheartened.

On top of my list was a pair of nude, peeptoe heels - NOT camel, beige, brown or tan. Nude, similar to a healthy persons skin tone, not nude like a dead person's grey tinged complexion.

Now, I did have this conversation with Dean earlier, and the look on his face suggested I was in fact, being too particular, but I would have settled had the shoes met a few of my secondary standards also.

  • They had to have a heel, no wedge or sling back.
  • They were to NOT resemble a shoe a person attached to a pole might wear.
  • The peeptoe is a window to pretty nail polish, so a hole of appropriate size please.
So, as you can guess, I came home shoeless. 

Also on my list was an outfit for my school reunion, for tomorrow night. Once again, disappointed. What do I wear to a country pub reunion? I am confused - I would wear a dress and heels if it were situated in the city, or even at the local community centre, but a country pub calls for jeans. I had on jeans, boots and black, and Dean (at his own risk), suggested I, "just dress like you always do in all that pink and stuff", and be myself. What? I had spent 6 hours trying to find something that would be appropriate for the pub - I had a wardrobe of pink and stuff, I could have avoided today completely! 

I didn't say that to him. I cried and hysterically yelled something like, "what would you know", while he suggested filming me and playing it back tomorrow. 

I blame hormones. The same hormones that had me happy this morning, murderous at five and in tears at six! Maybe I should blame being a girl - I wouldn't need anything other than jeans if I were a boy, no need for peeptoes, and nude would be camel, beige, buff, oatmeal, sand, biscuit, cream, brown AND tan!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Josie's bedroom block

Now that Dean has nearly finished Rose's dresser I am going to focus on  Josephine's bedroom.

I purchased a light fitting a few years ago for one of the girls, and as time passed I realised it suited Josephine the best (It is packed so an old iphone shot is all I have). It is a fuschia, felt chandelier with birds and leaves. I have never started a room design from a light, so I find myself with a light, fabric and decorating block!

This fabric from Alexander Henry was a perfect match for the cute, bird light.  I felt the nature design and colours worked well for a little girl to grow into a bigger girl. Now, I'm stuck with a lot (a loooot) of this fabric and not sure how I'm going to apply it.

On one of my many fabric searching expeditions, I came across this image using the fabric to upholster a chair, and coincidentally, I have the same chair - do I cover it or not? It is currently an olive green and in a reasonable condition. Or, I could hang it as curtains, or use it to cover her Queen Anne bedhead.

Image: Kelani Fabrics
I must admit this fabric overwhelms me a little. I find it a challenge to find complimentary fabrics for cushions and a bedspread. I like a mix of patterns and textures but the idea of block colours to balance the busy print appeals. There will be no colour on the walls, so I'm considering rich cushion covers, painted frames and mirrors on the wall.

This room has me stumped!
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Rose chose riding lessons!

Rose has started the celebrations for her birthday this weekend. She had a friend stay for a sleep over last night which, much to my surprise, was relatively pain-free! Like my post from last Sunday, the pain has just begun as the girls start to show signs of having overindulged in fun this weekend!

I am a little sleep deprived and exhausted from being the entertainment to five little girls, but it is a happy exhaustion. I always lay awake at night when I have someone else's child in the house. I worry that they will wake scared or confused and I will have to make a late night call to their worried parents to come and collect them.

My girls are allowed a party every second year for their birthday and it is a party year for Rose. As we don't really have a house that can cater for a bunch more little girls, I went searching for a party hosting plan. I purchased 12 passes to a riding school that could be used as a trail ride birthday party for herself and 11 friends, or she could use it for a term of riding lessons. She chose the lessons!

I had horses as a child so I am a little happy that one of my girls has shown an interest, but also terrified of the commitment! I am hoping it will be our special bond and her moment to shine. I can't believe that in just over a week, she will be seven, she is still so much our baby, needing a lot of reassurance and constant contact. Such a talented and beautiful child but still so unsure of herself. Just as well, because if she had confidence, she would be dangerous. Heaven help us, when she is seventeen!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Just your average Thursday

A moment to sit and nothing to do.

I've earn't my coffee tonight. I have been going fast since I woke up this morning. Josephine had a playdate with a kindy friend so Grace and I baked. We baked from the minute I got home from the school run, to the time I had to go back to school.

I bought these rose buds from a deli in the city, not sure what they were for but seduced by their pretty colours and amazing scent. I think they look so cute crowning my carrot and chocolate cakes. Pretty, delicious and smell like roses, what more could a cupcake offer?

Cate had her school assembly today. I arrived at school with her costume, ribbons, hairbrush and left the cakes in the car with the window down to prevent them from sweating. It was hot! Grace had flushed cheeks and I was starting to perspire myself, from running around.

The minute the assembly started, so did the torrential rain. I videoed Cate dancing and her small speaking part, then my camera ran out of memory and I had to dash to the car and wind up the window before the car became a mobile swimming pool. So much excitement and anticipation and I missed half of the act, and so did Dean because my camera died! Bugger.

I still had my sense of humour, even after we all got drenched running to the car after school, and arriving at my friends house like a family of drowned rats. She'd had a baby in May and I've not met the pink bundle until today. Probably a good thing, as she was divine. After sharing the pretty cakes, I had room in my bag to wrap her up and sneak her home. {Sigh} I still have her smell on my clothes which is making my ovaries groan with every breath in.

What a lovely, busy, social day. I loved seeing my friend again and her sweet son and new baby. I must be a better friend and visit more often. I was also really chuffed with my girls today. They didn't win a race, or get a fabulous grade on a test today, but they made me proud to be their mum. They really are such sweet girls, friendly, polite, considerate children who I'm sure will grow up to be treasured friends and admired peers.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Isn't wisdom wicked - NOT!

My face is swollen from an inflamed wisdom tooth today and I'm wondering why they have such an ill-fitting name! I feel quite wisdom-less today, stupid in fact, for not having removed the said tooth earlier.

My gums are raw and the inside of my cheek chewed. Plus, in an effort to not keep biting on it, I'm talking through clenched teeth, making my jaw ache. The ibuprofen is very helpful and I hope it helps with the tea eating as I've made the girls absolute favourite. With the sore mouths and tiredness, I've made the naughtiest tea, equivalent to fast food, but not so fast! Tuna slice laden with eggs, cheese, milk, rice and curry, with no vegetable in sight. Comfort food!

I have also done Cate's 1930's outfit - doesn't she look wicked, can you guess?

We now have red glitter spread throughout the house. Unfortunately, they are terribly fragile and won't last long, but will make it through the assembly (just no tapping heals together - there's no place like home!)

I apologise for my sad photoshopped yellow brick road. It is tea time and I was rushed. Not going in my resume!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Great weekend, grumble Sunday

At the end of this beautiful weekend, we have four very grumpy kids. Two had a sleepover this weekend - one on Friday night, one Saturday, and Cate had a rollerskating party today. Grace has been very restless since her dummy disappeared and wakes a number of times a night, so understandably, they are emotional.

I tried to avoid upsetting them, and distracting them when I see a tantrum or tears starting, but failed miserably. Cate accused me of being mean to her and she wished she didn't live with us or at this house anymore - hello, welcome to my world!!

Rose complained that her mouth hurt with every mouthful of tea, but hours earlier was eating salt and vinegar chips without so much as a whimper. Garlic bread didn't hurt, but the food with the vegetables in it did.

I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle when they are like this. They scream at each other, quite violently at times, for touching them, or for a foot on their chair, or God forbid - looking at them!

The past few days have been great. I have had mostly 2-3 kids at one time, so I've been able to do a lot of things individually with each of them, and had lots of cuddles. In a few minutes they will be tucked into their beds and asleep instantly, so a few short hours of grumbles is definitely worth a weekend of wonderful.

Is it like this at everyone's house on a Sunday night?

My cute Grace. She loves me, she loves me not.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sew beautiful Saturday

Today's weather was beautiful. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed outside, so I cooked and sewed whilst trying to pretend the sunshine wasn't begging my presence.

I made a batch of Thermomix vegetable stock and my own variation of cauliflower soup. Rose is having a sleepover at a friends house, and as she is the non-soup-eater in our house, thought it an opportunity to have soup for dinner.

Cate had been fishing through a pile of material I collect for no reason except that I love having it, and decided she wanted to make a skirt. Using the pattern here, she went about sewing it all by herself, only watched by me. (I did iron seams for her too). It turned out amazing! This is beginner, adult quality, I am so proud.

It made it easier that Josephine was at the farm, watching the 'monster trucks' with her cousin. Not that monster trucks are her thing, but she was excited to be going away with her aunty without her sisters. With her and Rose gone for the afternoon, having just two girls was a breeze! Strawberry Shortcake amused Grace while Cate sewed and I did "stuff".

Now I just need to find something to keep us inside for the rest of this lovely day. Hmmm, anyone for cards?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

1930 thoughts

I'm having fun, and being more enlightened by the second, trying to define an iconic 1930s fashion statement. Cate has a school assembly next week, where she is to dress in costume depicting a time in their school's history.

The 1920s were a visual feast of elegance and femininity, the 1950s are also very definable by their fashion. I'm sure any one of you would recognise a flappers hairstyle or fringed dress as 1920s and a retro poodle skirt instantly, but, my precious girl chose the 1930s!

I think finding anything that would fit her, adds to the difficulty, and for once, Google FAILED to inspire! {Thank God for Pinterest} I would happily alter something to fit her if I had a clue as to what.

So, true to form, I got suitably distracted and am now making this about me. Here are some of the images I found that do inspire me, and not for a costume, but purely for their beauty and symbolism.
If you have ever travelled in a car with my kids,
punch bug is the most famous thing to come from the 1930s 
Art deco divine.
I only recently watched this, but did think it was more 1940s.
Tiered lace? 
Still prefer the 1920s. When was Roswell, is this why the 1930s hats look a little UFO-ish?
Love love love. Want to wear this now.
Joan Crawford. Still iconic today.
Completely unrelated but cute.
Would it be child abuse to dress her as Shirley Temple! (She is 8)
I love this.
Judy Garland, The Wizard of Oz
So, I still don't know what to dress her in, but I'm feeling sedated by the beauty above to care less right this second. I will think about it again tomorrow.

All images Pinterest.

Hand me the hankies!

Very little sleep has been had in our household this week. Cate has been home from school for two days with a cold and nasty, nasty cough. Grace is only a sniff behind her in the sickness stakes {sorry, that was corny - I'm tired}. 

The combination of no more dummy and not being able to breathe, has meant not much sleep for one little princess, and her exhausted parents. There were four in our bed at one point last night (not too comfortably I might add), and the smell of sickness still lingers. With the pleasant sunshine yesterday, I washed my sheets and now they smell of eucalyptus, aka Vicks!

The house is quiet except for the sharp bark of occasional coughs, so I now plan on crawling into my pyjamas to drift off while watching tv in bed. My sick babies are sleepy with antihistamine and lathered in more Vicks. I expect quiet until about 11pm when it wears off, and another night of restlessness begins. Poor darlings.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Reunion preparation

I have a school reunion in a few weeks, and I wanted to know what I should do in preparation - so I googled it! According to the intelligent beings in cyber space, I should have started an exercise regime months ago. I also need a new hairstyle and "stylish" outfit.

With this technological age, those I haven't seen for 20 years, can now be spied upon without their knowledge. I can see who has greyed and who has lived off Tim Tams since school and make the comparisons online, before the real thing. I can investigate what they have been up to, and where life has taken them - all from the comfort of my couch.

I admit, I haven't kept in close contact with anyone from school, so I am a little excited, and nervous. Names of people I'd forgotten are popping up, and the memories of them as children, make me curious about their adult selves. Feelings of freedom and abandon overwhelm me at the thought of those who shared my youth. I have warm, happy memories about these people, I imagine a hug hello and 20 years of catchup filling 5 minutes, then hours of laughter and reminiscence.

Will we become close friends again? If I was meant to have a relationship with these people, why didn't we stay friends after school? Is my matured, mothering, married self going to live up to who my school friends thought I would be?

Truth be told, I was supposed to go on a diet/exercise regime after I had each child, when I stopped breast feeding, and every New Year's eve since. I haven't time to get a degree or see the world, so a new outfit and hairstyle will just have to do!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day 2 no dummy and Daddy's Day!

I have completely enjoyed the last few days.

Friday was my baby's third birthday, and she had an awesome day! She woke up with a huge smile on her face and spent the whole day in a skip. There were a few tiny hiccups, all completely understandable for a sometimes shy 3 year old. We had tears, just as her birthday cake was brought to the table. There was a house-full of people - all family members and the sudden focus of attention all on her, was too much. She was clinging to me, crying as everyone was happily singing, and 11 children were all trying to blow out the candles for her.

Friday was also a Daddy Day at school. The 3 big girls and dad left early to be at school for a Father's Day breakfast and mass, followed by morning tea in kindy with Josephine. He was sent to work wearing a brightly coloured, paper tie made especially for him (he was also sweet enough to put it on again before returning that night to a delighted Josephine).

Today was Father's Day, and another wonderful day in our household. Daddy stayed in bed, pretending to sleep, while we prepared a light breakfast and coffee to be delivered with his presents.

Vegemite hearts - puts a rose
on every cheek!
He unwrapped his presents to find 2 leather belts, a pair of shoes and 2 work shirts - one pink and one purple. (Chosen by Grace and Josephine. I did comment that any other colour shirt would just turn pink once I washed it with their clothes anyway!) Plus, a stack of colourful cards, illustrated by each daughter attached to their school-made gifts.

Grace received a new bike for her birthday, so we decided to go to the river and take the girls for a picnic. We bought a delicious hamper on the way and feasted on polenta topped with roast zucchini, stuffed baby peppers, olives and goats cheese; turkish bread with homemade dips and nougat while the girls played at the park and raced on their bikes.

By the time we got home, Grace was so hoarse we could barely understand what she was saying, which was great as tonight was her second night without her dummy! Last night was a breeze - we were prepared for tears, but she went to bed without a word. Tonight she croakily cried for no more than a minute and she was gone. All asleep by 7 - bliss.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Someone is now 3!

Waking up cheerful on your birthday is easy when you are greeted with a mountain of brightly wrapped presents and three over enthusiastic sisters. A new kitchen, coffee machine and lots of pretend food would make anyones day great!

Don't you just love her birthday outfit?

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