Wednesday, 7 September 2011

1930 thoughts

I'm having fun, and being more enlightened by the second, trying to define an iconic 1930s fashion statement. Cate has a school assembly next week, where she is to dress in costume depicting a time in their school's history.

The 1920s were a visual feast of elegance and femininity, the 1950s are also very definable by their fashion. I'm sure any one of you would recognise a flappers hairstyle or fringed dress as 1920s and a retro poodle skirt instantly, but, my precious girl chose the 1930s!

I think finding anything that would fit her, adds to the difficulty, and for once, Google FAILED to inspire! {Thank God for Pinterest} I would happily alter something to fit her if I had a clue as to what.

So, true to form, I got suitably distracted and am now making this about me. Here are some of the images I found that do inspire me, and not for a costume, but purely for their beauty and symbolism.
If you have ever travelled in a car with my kids,
punch bug is the most famous thing to come from the 1930s 
Art deco divine.
I only recently watched this, but did think it was more 1940s.
Tiered lace? 
Still prefer the 1920s. When was Roswell, is this why the 1930s hats look a little UFO-ish?
Love love love. Want to wear this now.
Joan Crawford. Still iconic today.
Completely unrelated but cute.
Would it be child abuse to dress her as Shirley Temple! (She is 8)
I love this.
Judy Garland, The Wizard of Oz
So, I still don't know what to dress her in, but I'm feeling sedated by the beauty above to care less right this second. I will think about it again tomorrow.

All images Pinterest.

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