Friday, 23 September 2011

The chaotic mind of me...

The holy grail?
Chaos - summing up my day, or perhaps my mind, in a word!

I went shopping for 6 hours today. I am the kind of person who goes shopping with a particular outfit or item in mind - I spend hours looking for it and end up leaving completely frustrated and disheartened.

On top of my list was a pair of nude, peeptoe heels - NOT camel, beige, brown or tan. Nude, similar to a healthy persons skin tone, not nude like a dead person's grey tinged complexion.

Now, I did have this conversation with Dean earlier, and the look on his face suggested I was in fact, being too particular, but I would have settled had the shoes met a few of my secondary standards also.

  • They had to have a heel, no wedge or sling back.
  • They were to NOT resemble a shoe a person attached to a pole might wear.
  • The peeptoe is a window to pretty nail polish, so a hole of appropriate size please.
So, as you can guess, I came home shoeless. 

Also on my list was an outfit for my school reunion, for tomorrow night. Once again, disappointed. What do I wear to a country pub reunion? I am confused - I would wear a dress and heels if it were situated in the city, or even at the local community centre, but a country pub calls for jeans. I had on jeans, boots and black, and Dean (at his own risk), suggested I, "just dress like you always do in all that pink and stuff", and be myself. What? I had spent 6 hours trying to find something that would be appropriate for the pub - I had a wardrobe of pink and stuff, I could have avoided today completely! 

I didn't say that to him. I cried and hysterically yelled something like, "what would you know", while he suggested filming me and playing it back tomorrow. 

I blame hormones. The same hormones that had me happy this morning, murderous at five and in tears at six! Maybe I should blame being a girl - I wouldn't need anything other than jeans if I were a boy, no need for peeptoes, and nude would be camel, beige, buff, oatmeal, sand, biscuit, cream, brown AND tan!!

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