Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hand me the hankies!

Very little sleep has been had in our household this week. Cate has been home from school for two days with a cold and nasty, nasty cough. Grace is only a sniff behind her in the sickness stakes {sorry, that was corny - I'm tired}. 

The combination of no more dummy and not being able to breathe, has meant not much sleep for one little princess, and her exhausted parents. There were four in our bed at one point last night (not too comfortably I might add), and the smell of sickness still lingers. With the pleasant sunshine yesterday, I washed my sheets and now they smell of eucalyptus, aka Vicks!

The house is quiet except for the sharp bark of occasional coughs, so I now plan on crawling into my pyjamas to drift off while watching tv in bed. My sick babies are sleepy with antihistamine and lathered in more Vicks. I expect quiet until about 11pm when it wears off, and another night of restlessness begins. Poor darlings.

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