Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day 2 no dummy and Daddy's Day!

I have completely enjoyed the last few days.

Friday was my baby's third birthday, and she had an awesome day! She woke up with a huge smile on her face and spent the whole day in a skip. There were a few tiny hiccups, all completely understandable for a sometimes shy 3 year old. We had tears, just as her birthday cake was brought to the table. There was a house-full of people - all family members and the sudden focus of attention all on her, was too much. She was clinging to me, crying as everyone was happily singing, and 11 children were all trying to blow out the candles for her.

Friday was also a Daddy Day at school. The 3 big girls and dad left early to be at school for a Father's Day breakfast and mass, followed by morning tea in kindy with Josephine. He was sent to work wearing a brightly coloured, paper tie made especially for him (he was also sweet enough to put it on again before returning that night to a delighted Josephine).

Today was Father's Day, and another wonderful day in our household. Daddy stayed in bed, pretending to sleep, while we prepared a light breakfast and coffee to be delivered with his presents.

Vegemite hearts - puts a rose
on every cheek!
He unwrapped his presents to find 2 leather belts, a pair of shoes and 2 work shirts - one pink and one purple. (Chosen by Grace and Josephine. I did comment that any other colour shirt would just turn pink once I washed it with their clothes anyway!) Plus, a stack of colourful cards, illustrated by each daughter attached to their school-made gifts.

Grace received a new bike for her birthday, so we decided to go to the river and take the girls for a picnic. We bought a delicious hamper on the way and feasted on polenta topped with roast zucchini, stuffed baby peppers, olives and goats cheese; turkish bread with homemade dips and nougat while the girls played at the park and raced on their bikes.

By the time we got home, Grace was so hoarse we could barely understand what she was saying, which was great as tonight was her second night without her dummy! Last night was a breeze - we were prepared for tears, but she went to bed without a word. Tonight she croakily cried for no more than a minute and she was gone. All asleep by 7 - bliss.

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