Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Isn't wisdom wicked - NOT!

My face is swollen from an inflamed wisdom tooth today and I'm wondering why they have such an ill-fitting name! I feel quite wisdom-less today, stupid in fact, for not having removed the said tooth earlier.

My gums are raw and the inside of my cheek chewed. Plus, in an effort to not keep biting on it, I'm talking through clenched teeth, making my jaw ache. The ibuprofen is very helpful and I hope it helps with the tea eating as I've made the girls absolute favourite. With the sore mouths and tiredness, I've made the naughtiest tea, equivalent to fast food, but not so fast! Tuna slice laden with eggs, cheese, milk, rice and curry, with no vegetable in sight. Comfort food!

I have also done Cate's 1930's outfit - doesn't she look wicked, can you guess?

We now have red glitter spread throughout the house. Unfortunately, they are terribly fragile and won't last long, but will make it through the assembly (just no tapping heals together - there's no place like home!)

I apologise for my sad photoshopped yellow brick road. It is tea time and I was rushed. Not going in my resume!

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